Ringing at Cambridge District towers

The table below shows the towers in the Cambridge District and the ringing which is arranged for them so far.

Use the Comments page to add a comment if you can help at one of these towers, or if you can provide details of the ringing.

Tower Dedication No. Notes
BALSHAM  Holy Trinity  6 bells Half muffled for 10:45 service. Meet at 10:00.
Open ringing at 17:05 (including 100 call changes). Meet at 18:45. Hope to have enough ringers for both.
BARRINGTON  All Saints  6 bells
BARTON  St Peter  6 bells Ringing 9 - 9.30 am
BASSINGBOURN  St Peter and St Paul  6 bells Bassingbourn Tower will be ringing as follows:
For 30mins (half muffled) at 10.30am on Sunday 11th November. 15mins (half muffled) tolling of No 5 bell during Act of Remembrance (10.45 – 10.59). Peal of (open bells) at about 12.30pm following Church Service of Remembrance.
BOURN  St Helena and St Mary  8 bells Half-muffled ringing before the service at 10.30. Open ringing at 12 noon, after the service.
BRINKLEY  St Mary the Virgin  6 bells
CAMBRIDGE  St Andrew the Great  8 bells Ringing at 12.30 at St Andrew the Great (Cambridge).
CAMBRIDGE  St Bene't's  6 bells Quarter Peal at 12:30 at St Bene't's Church (Cambridge)
CAMBRIDGE  St Edward King and Martyr  6 bells
CAMBRIDGE  St Mary the Great  12 bells GSM, Cambridge: Ringing 8:30 to 9.15am and 10:15 to 10:50am. Peal attempt starting directly after the Remembrance Service (approx. midday)
CAMBRIDGE  Our Lady and the English Martyrs (RC)  8 bells
CASTLE CAMPS  All Saints  5 bells  Chiming only  
CHERRY HINTON  St Andrew  6 bells All 6 bells will be rung, time and date TBC
CHESTERTON  St Andrew  6 bells At Chesterton (St Andrew's) we'll be having open ringing at 12:30, unmuffled, as well as the usual half-muffled ringing before the morning service, 9:15 to 9:55.
CHEVELEY  St Mary & Holy Host of Heaven  5 bells Cheverley - Sunday 11th (time unknown) Chiming on Ellacombe.
DUXFORD  St Peter  6 bells
FEN DITTON  St Mary the Virgin  8 bells Fen Ditton: half-muffled ringing before 10 o'clock service; also ringing (100 changes or more) from 12.30
FOXTON  St Lawrence  5 bells Foxton - Saturday 10th at 11am Quarter Peal attempt (half muffled).
FULBOURN  St Vigor  8 bells
GREAT SHELFORD  St Mary the Virgin  8 bells
GREAT WILBRAHAM  St Nicholas  6 bells
GUILDEN MORDEN  St Mary  8 bells
HARSTON  All Saints  6 bells Ringing 14.45 - 15.45
HASLINGFIELD  All Saints  6 bells Ringing 14.00 - 14.30
HORNINGSEA  St Peter  5 bells Sun 10am - tolling single bell before service
Sun 7:05pm - open ringing while beacon is lit. Mainly call changes - 100 rows or more for everyone who wants.
ICKLETON  St Mary Magdalene  8 bells
LINTON  St Mary the Virgin  6 bells
LITLINGTON  St Katharine  6 bells
LITTLE EVERSDEN  St Helen  6 bells
LITTLE SHELFORD  All Saints  6 bells
MELBOURN  All Saints  8 bells
MELDRETH  Holy Trinity  8 bells
ORWELL  St Andrew  8 bells
PAMPISFORD  St John the Baptist  6 bells Pampisford - Sunday 11th at 7.05pm - 7.45pm Open Ringing
SAWSTON  St Mary the Virgin  8 bells Sunday 11th at 8.45am - 9.15am (half muffled), Sunday 11th at 11.05am tolling 44 times (half muffled), Sunday 11th at 12.30pm quarter peal attempt (open)
STAPLEFORD  St Andrew  6 bells
STETCHWORTH  St Peter  5 bells
THRIPLOW  St George  6 bells Thriplow - Saturday 10th at 9.30am - 10.30am Half Muffled ringing with local band.
TOFT  St Andrew  6 bells Ringing 19.05.
TRUMPINGTON  St Mary and St Michael  8 bells
WEST WRATTING  St Andrew  6 bells
WHITTLESFORD  St Mary and St Andrew  6 bells
WOODDITTON  St Mary the Virgin  5 bells Wooditton - Saturday 10th at 2pm Quarter Peal attempt.