Ringing at Ely District towers

The table below shows the towers in the Ely District and the ringing which is arranged for them so far.

Use the Comments page to add a comment if you can help at one of these towers, or if you can provide details of the ringing.

Tower Dedication No. Notes
BOTTISHAM  Holy Trinity  6 bells
BURWELL  St Mary the Blessed Virgin  8 bells
CHATTERIS  St Peter and St Paul  6 bells
CHIPPENHAM  St Margaret  6 bells Chippenham bells will be rung by Isleham ringers at some point, possibly on Saturday 10th.
CONINGTON  St Mary  4 bells
COTTENHAM  All Saints  6 bells Cottenham - we will ring all six with local band members
DODDINGTON  St Mary  6 bells
DRY DRAYTON  St Peter and St Paul  5 bells  Ellacombe chiming only
ELY  St Mary  8 bells Ely St Mary: Half-muffled ringing before 10:30 service and open ringing at 19:05 for Beacon of Light service. We also hope to ring 100 blows at 12:30 but are currently short of ringers.
FORDHAM  St Peter & St Mary Magdalene  8 bells
HADDENHAM  The Holy & Undivided Trinity  6 bells
HISTON  St Andrew with St Etheldreda  8 bells
IMPINGTON  St Andrew  3 bells  Chiming only
ISLEHAM  St Andrew  6 bells
LANDBEACH  All Saints  4 bells Sat 10 Nov 9:55 to 10:15 - Half-muffled ringing while Parish Council plant an oak tree on Recreation Ground.
Sun 11 Nov 9:30 to 9:55 - Half-muffled service ringing.
Sun 11 Nov afternoon - Open ringing. All likely to be mainly call changes. Will ensure everyone who wishes gets to ring 100 blows.
LITTLEPORT  St George  8 bells
LOLWORTH  All Saints  3 bells
LONGSTANTON  All Saints  8 bells
OAKINGTON  St Andrew  6 bells
OVER  St Mary the Virgin  8 bells Ringing at 9 am for 9.30 service and at 2 pm (quarter peal) for 3 pm service)
RAMPTON  All Saints  6 bells Cottenham ringers will ring at Rampton at 7.05pm on Sunday 11th with a band yet to be decided
SOHAM  St Andrew  10 bells
STOW-CUM-QUY  St Mary the Virgin  5 bells  Chiming only
STRETHAM  St James  6 bells
SUTTON in the ISLE  St Andrew  6 bells
SWAFFHAM BULBECK  St Mary  8 bells
SWAFFHAM PRIOR  St Cyriac and St Julitta  6 bells
SWAVESEY  St Andrew  8 bells Ringing at 10.30 for 11 am service and from about 12.15 (quarter peal)
WICKEN  St Lawrence  5 bells
WILBURTON  St Peter  6 bells
WILLINGHAM  St Mary and All Saints  6 bells Ringing for 11 am service, and at 7.05 pm