Ringing at Huntingdon District towers

The table below shows the towers in the Huntingdon District and the ringing which is arranged for them so far.

Use the Comments page to add a comment if you can help at one of these towers, or if you can provide details of the ringing.

Tower Dedication No. Notes
ABBOTS RIPTON  St Andrew  3 bells
ABBOTSLEY  St Margaret of Antioch  5 bells
ALWALTON  St Andrew  5 bells
BLUNTISHAM  St Mary  8 bells
BRAMPTON  St Mary Magdalene  6 bells
BRINGTON  All Saints  4 bells
BROUGHTON  All Saints  4 bells
BUCKDEN St Mary 6 bellsBuckden will be ringing half muffled from 9.45am - 10.20am.
We will then be ringing 100 blows at 7.05pm
BURY  The Holy Cross  3 bells
BYTHORN  St Lawrence  4 bells
CATWORTH  St Leonard  6 bells
CAXTON  St Andrew  6 bells Ringing at 12.30 pm
CONINGTON  All Saints  6 bells
COVINGTON  All Saints  4 bells
CROXTON  St James  6 bells
ELLINGTON  All Saints  4 bells
ELSWORTH  Holy Trinity  4 bells Elsworth 100 blows at 7.05pm
ELTON  All Saints  5 bells
EYNESBURY  St Mary the Virgin  6 bells
FENSTANTON  St Peter and St Paul  6 bells
GAMLINGAY  St Mary the Virgin  8 bells
GODMANCHESTER  St Mary the Virgin  8 bells
GRAVELEY  St Botolph  4 bells
GREAT GIDDING  St Michael  5 bells
GREAT GRANSDEN  St Bartholomew  6 bells
GREAT PAXTON  Holy Trinity  5 bells Ringing 100 blows, Saturday 10th Nov
GREAT STAUGHTON  St Andrew  6 bells
HADDON  St Mary  3 bells
HAMERTON  All Saints  6 bells
HEMINGFORD ABBOTS  St Margaret  6 bells Hemingford Abbots 10:00 - 10:30 half muffled ringing (for morning service), 19:05 - 19:30 open ringing (for 'Battle's Over' ringing for peace)
HEMINGFORD GREY  St James  8 bells Hemingford Grey 12:30 - 1:00 open ringing (for government initiative and 'Ringing Remembers') 19:05 - 19:30 open ringing (for Battle's Over' ringing for peace
HILTON  St Mary Magdalene  6 bells
HOLYWELL  St John the Baptist  6 bells
HOUGHTON  St Mary  6 bells
HUNTINGDON  All Saints  6 bells
HUNTINGDON  St Mary  8 bells
KEYSTON  St John the Baptist  5 bells
KIMBOLTON  St Andrew  6 bells
LEIGHTON BROMSWOLD  St Mary the Virgin  5 bells
LITTLE PAXTON  St James  6 bells Ringing 100 blows, Saturday 10th Nov
MOLESWORTH  St Peter  3 bells
OFFORD CLUNY  All Saints  4 bells  Bells fitted for clocking
OLD FLETTON  St Margaret  5 bells
ORTON WATERVILLE  St Mary  4 bells
PIDLEY-CUM-FENTON  All Saints  3 bells  Chiming only
RAMSEY  St Thomas à Becket  6 bells Ramsey bells will ring as usual for 10am morning service , then at 12:30pm and 19:05pm the method 'Armistice' will be rung.
ST IVES  All Saints  8 bells St Ives: ringing half-muffled at 9.30 before 11am commemoration; open at 12.30; open at 19:05 after beacon-lighting
ST NEOTS  St Mary  10 bells
SOMERSHAM  St John the Baptist  6 bells
SOUTHOE  St Leonard  4 bells Ringing 100 blows, Saturday 10th Nov, and Diddington
SPALDWICK  St James  6 bells
STANGROUND  St John the Baptist  6 bells
TILBROOK  All Saints  3 bells  Only one bell hung
UPWOOD  St Peter  3 bells
WARBOYS  St Mary Magdalene  6 bells
WARESLEY  St James the Great  4 bells
WHITTLESEY  St Andrew  8 bells
WHITTLESEY  St Mary the Virgin  8 bells
WINWICK  All Saints  5 bells
WISTOW  St John the Baptist  4 bells
WOODSTON  St Augustine of Canterbury  6 bells
YAXLEY  St Peter  6 bells