Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers
(Registered Charity No. 266574)
*** New BRF Rules and Procedures were approved at the 2019 AGM ***

These rules were adopted at the Annual General Meeting of the Association on Monday 3rd May 2004 at Downham Market, and replaced by new Rules and Procedures at the AGM on 2019
The fund shall be known as
a) The object of the Fund shall be the provision of financial assistance to church authorities incurring expenditure on the provision, maintenance or improvement of their bells and bell installations or for the maintenance of the fabric of their towers and belfries in the ecclesiastical parishes of the Diocese of Ely.
b) In furtherance of the object of the Fund, financial support may be given to the recording and preservation of bell ringing activities in the Diocese of Ely, or the provision of financial assistance may be made to church authorities and/or the Association incurring expenditure in taking bells into care.
a) Reference to 'The Association' shall mean The Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers.
b) The Trustees of the Fund, referred to hereinafter as the Trustees, shall be the Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer for the time being of the Association and triennially, each of the Districts shall normally nominate a Ringing Member for election at the Annual General Meeting as a trustee.
c) The Independent Examiner of the Fund shall be the Independent Examiner for the time being of the Association.
  For the current Association Officers and Independent Examiner, see here. For the current ringing members elected as Bell Restoration Fund trustees, see here.
The Trustees shall administer the Fund. Four Trustees shall form a quorum at a meeting. A casual vacancy among the Trustees shall be filled by an appointment by the Diocesan Committee of the Association.
a) An application for or proposal to give financial assistance from this Fund shall be made from the appropriate Church authority or the Association and considered only at a General Meeting of the Association. Application must made using the approved form obtainable from the Secretary.
b) Notice of an application must be made to the Secretary of the Trustees by the 31st December or 31st May for consideration at the next meeting of the Trustees.
c) The Trustees shall consider such applications or proposals and shall make recommendations to the General Meeting of the Association.
d) The Secretary of the Trustees must receive applications for grants and /or loans before any work which is the subject of the application has commenced.
e) The Trustees shall give notice of a proposal to make a grant or loan from this Fund in accordance with the Rules of the Association on giving notice.
f) Grants and loans shall be made from this Fund only for the purposes outlined in the objectives in rule 2 above. A grant or loan will be authorised at a General Meeting of the Association, subject to the requirements of rule 5 (a) above, if approved by two thirds or more of those members of the Association present and voting. To be eligible to vote, members must fit the requirements of the Rules of the Association on voting.
g) Following approval, financial assistance shall be made at such time as the Trustees shall decide except that the Trustees shall be given absolute discretion to reduce, but not to increase, the amount of such financial assistance in the exceptional circumstances that they unanimously feel it is in the interest of the Fund and of the Association to do so. They shall inform the Association of any such action at the next General Meeting of the Association.
h) Loans shall be made only upon written agreement with the appropriate Church Authority. The period agreed for the repayment shall not exceed four years, during which time the loan shall be free of interest.
i) Agreed disbursement will only be made following satisfactory completion of the work and inspection carried out by the Association's Bell Adviser or his delegate.
Any payments drawn on this Fund under rule 5 above, or required under rule 8 below, shall be authorised by two Trustees of the Fund. All administrative and other expenses incurred in respect of the Fund other than those specifically relating to the acquisition and realisation of investments shall be borne by the Association.
a) The Treasurer shall prepare accounts consisting of a balance sheet as at 31st December in each year, and an income and expenditure account for the year ending on that date.
b) These accounts shall be presented to the Independent Examiner who will satisfy themself of the correctness thereof.
c) The examined accounts shall be submitted for approval to the Annual General Meeting of the Association next after the 31st December to which the accounts of the Fund have been prepared.
The Trustees acting together shall have the power to invest or otherwise deal with the assets of the Fund and such sums as the Association and others shall contribute or from time to time decide to transfer to the Fund, in such manner as they think fit in the best interests of the Fund.
a) If it shall be decided to dissolve the Fund, such decision being taken only at an Annual General Meeting of the Association following notice given at the previous Annual General Meeting, the assets shall be disposed of to either or between both of the following:
i)   To other charitable Bell Restoration Funds as the Association may select;
ii)  To the Ely Diocesan Board of Finance for the religious and charitable purposes of the said Diocese.
b) In the event that the Association becomes defunct, it shall be allowed for the Trustees in office at the time that the Association became defunct, after five years non-working of the Fund to cause it to be dissolved and its assets applied as under rule 9 (a)(i).
a) No amendment of, addition to or deletion from these rules shall be made which would cause the Fund at any time to cease to be a charity in law.
b) No amendment, addition or deletion whatever shall be made except at an Annual General Meeting of the Association following notice given in detail of the proposed alteration in accordance with the Rules of the Association on changes in its rules, and approved by two thirds or more of those members present and voting.