Association Officers

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Patron The Right Reverend Stephen Conway The Right Reverend Stephen Conway
Address: The Diocesan Office,
Bishop Woodford House, Barton Road,
Ely. CB7 4DX
Telephone: 0 1353 663579
Fascimile: 0 1353 652700
Chairman Martin Kitson
Telephone: 0 1223 811673
Vice-Chairman Post discontinued on 5th May 2018.
Previously held by Alan T Winter
Secretary JoAnne Rutter
Address: Manor House, Church Lane
Hemingford Abbots
Huntingdon PE28 9AL
Telephone: 0 1480 494449
  Mobile 0 7710 326348
Ringing Master Alban Forster
Mobile: 0 7906 478767
Peal Secretary Susan E Marsden
Mobile: 0 7506 797814
Quarter Peal
Ian Hamilton

Telephone: 0 7913 914833
Treasurer Nicholas Small
Nicholas Small
Address: 12 Cambridge Road
Cambridge, CB25 9NJ
Telephone: 0 1223 570850
Education Officer Post superceded by Recruitment and Training Officer on 5th May 2018, appointment not confirmed as at 14/05/2018
Previously held by Philip Bailey
Philip Bailey
Photo: Andrew Stevens
Mobile: 0 7968 788425
Public Relations Officer Post vacant. Queries directed to General Secrettary.

Bell Adviser Thomas W Ridgman
Tom Ridgman
Telephone: 0 1223 207335
Safeguarding Officer   Post became vacant on 5th May 2018. Phillip S George is the previous holder, and is prepared to answer immediate queries.
Phillip George
Photo: Andrew Stevens
Telephone: 0 1767 677553
Webmaster Janet Garnett
Janet Garnett
Photo: Andrew Stevens
Telephone: 0 1954 230327
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Representatives
The Ely DA sends four representatives to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. These representatives are officers of the Association. Details are here.
Bell Restoration Fund trustees
The Bell Restoration Fund of the Ely DA is a separate organisation with its own trustees. Details are here.
Independent Examiner
The Independent Examiner is elected by the AGM to examine the Association's accounts annually and report to the AGM. The Independent Examiner may not hold office on the Diocesan Committee nor be a trustee of the Bell Restoration Fund.
Independent Examiner Bruce Mew
Telephone: 0 1480 467156
The General Committee (was the Diocesan Committee)
The Committee, whose role is to administer and guide the Association, is made up of Association Officers (including a representative to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers), representatives of the sub-committees and Bell Fund Trustees, District Secretaries and one elected member from each district. Details are here.

The Recruitment and Training Subcommittee (RATS) of the Diocesan Committee was set up in February 2014 to give greater focus to recruitment and training of ringers within the Ely Diocese. Details are

Past Officers of the Association
Details of the past General Secretaries, Peal Secretaries and Treasurers are here.