Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Representatives

The Ely Diocesan Association sends four representatives to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CCCBR). Triennially, each district normally nominates one ringing member as a representative, for election at the AGM of the Ely DA. The representatives take office in the year following their election. (See Rules of the Ely DA 7c).

The following representatives were elected at the AGM in 2016, to take office for 2017 - 2019:
  • Philip Bailey Email: billythebellringer_at_yahoo.co.uk
  • Susan E Marsden Email chatringer_at_gmail.com
  • Sally Mew Email: mew.redhill_at_gmail.com
  • Paul Seaman Email: CCrep_at_CambridgeRinging.info