The Diocesan Committee

Note that the composition of the Diocesan Committee, which is renamed as the General Committee, will change in May 2018 when the new Rules and Regulations for the Ely DA come into effect. Details of the old and new Rules and Regulations are here

*** 14/05/2018 This page not yet updated for the changes introduced by the new Rules on 05/05/2018. 

The Committee, whose role is to administer and guide the Association, consists of:
  • The Officers of the Association, that is: the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Peal Secretary, Quarter Peal Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Education Officer, Bell Adviser, Safeguarding Officer, Webmaster and the four Central Council of Church Bell Ringers representatives,
  • The Honorary Members,
  • The four Bell Fund Trustees (see Rules of the Ely DA, rule 7b, and also Bell Restoration Fund, 
  • The four District Secretaries and two elected members from the each of the four districts.
Honorary members
Any ringing member or other person who has given exceptional service and furthered the objectives of the Association may be elected to the office of Honorary Member (see Rules of the Ely DA, rule 3a).

The Honorary Members of the Ely DA are:
Barry C Bass, George E Bonham, John G Gipson, Catherina E Griffiths,
Roger J Palmer, Brian D Threlfall and Maurice J Thurmott.
District secretaries and representatives
For each district, the secretary and elected representatives to the Diocesan Committee are:
Cambridge District
Secretary Greg Pearce
Representative Jackie Latham
Representative Sam and Phil Gorman (jointly)
Ely District
Secretary Janet Garnett
Representative Dee Smith
Representative Barbara Le Gallez
Huntingdon District
Secretary Sally Mew
Representative Janet Butlin
Representative John Boocock
Wisbech District
Secretary Pam Wakeling
Representative Bob Cox
Representative Jeanette Cox

Recruitment and Training Subcommittee

The Recruitment and Training Subcommittee (RATS) was set up in February 2014 to give greater focus to recruitment and training of ringers within the Ely Diocese. More details here.