The General Committee and subcommittees

Note that the composition of the General Committee (renamed from the Diocesan Committee), changed in May 2018 when the new Rules and Regulations for the Ely DA came into effect. Details of the old and new Rules and Regulations are here

Management of the Association shall be carried out as far as possible by sub- committees. Each sub-committee shall appoint its own secretary for recording minutes of meetings and details of its activities. The Chair or representative of each sub-committee, shall attend General Committee meetings of the Association, and act as a delegate of, and vote in accordance with the consensus of, their respective sub-committee.

The sub-committees are
 i) Recruitment and Training Sub-committee, chair Recruitment and Training Officer
 ii) Ringing Sub-committee, chair Ringing Master of the Association
 iii) Bell Maintenance and Repair Sub-committee, chair Bell Adviser of the Association
 iv) Administration Sub-committee, chair Treasurer of the Association.

For each sub-committee, the purpose, authority, arrangements for meetings, reporting requirements and composition are defined by a sub-section of Regulation 4, available here.
More details of the Recruitment and Training Subcommittee here 

The General Committee, whose role is to administer and guide the Association, consists of:
  • Ex-officio members: the Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Ringing Master, Recruitment and Training Officer, Bell Adviser, Public Relations Officer, Safeguarding Officer, each District Secretary, one of the four Central Council Representatives, and one representative elected by each District.
  • Delegates of the sub-committees liisted above, if a sub-committee delegate is not already an ex-officio member.
  • Co-opted members.
District secretaries and representatives
For each district, the secretary and elected representatives to the Diocesan Committee are:
Cambridge District
Secretary Posy Marriage
Representative Stephen Burr
Ely District
Secretary Janet Garnett
Representative Catherine Simcock
Huntingdon District
Secretary Ann Adraham
Representative Position vacant
Wisbech District
Secretary Pam Wakeling
Representative Bob Cox