2004 Association Training Conference

Teaching and Improving Bell Handling

You may think that a day on teaching bell handling is just for a restricted group of reasonably competent ringers, who are about to move on to teaching, either through force of circumstances, or through natural inclination.

Think again!
This Training Day will not be a "them & us" course. I need everyone, from novices through to experts in teaching, to share and develop best practice. There will be a structure, so that any novice should go away with one way to start teaching, and the confidence to have a go.
  • A copy of the presentation given by Richard Pargeter can be downloaded from the bottom of this page..

  • Details of Richard's book, "One Way to Teach Bell Handling".
    A staged approach to teaching handling, based on personal experience of teaching a band from scratch, with advice on common problems at each stage.

  • Reports of the conference by Simon Kershaw and Janet Garnett are here.
Janet Garnett,
Aug 25, 2013, 8:24 AM