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AGMs and Annual Reports

Ely DA AGM and Striking Competition, Saturday 13th May 2017

Inter-district striking competition and AGM hosted by the Cambridge District at Meldreth.

Details for the day are:

Open ringing at Barrington (tbc) 2 - 3 pm, and Melbourn 3 - 4 pm.

Inter-district striking competition at Meldreth 2.30 - 4 pm

Service at Meldreth at 4 pm, followed by tea at 4.45 pm. No name needed for tea, just turn up!

AGM at Meldreth at 5.40 pm


Results of Striking Competition

  1. In Memoriam: members who have died since the last AGM
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of the AGM and SGM 2016
  4. Matters arising
  5. Accounts - General and Reserve
  6. Bell Restoration Fund - Accounts and Trustees’ Report
  7. Appointment of an Independent Examiner – Bruce Mew
  8. Reports:                             
    1. General Secretary
    2. Peal Secretary
    3. Education Officer
    4. Bell Adviser
    5. Public Relations Officer
    6. Quarter Peal Secretary
    7. Safeguarding Officer
    8. Webmaster 
    9. Recruitment and Training Subcommittee
  9. Election of Officers:                                      Present Officers:   (* incumbent standing down this year)
    1. Chairman                                            Tom Ridgman
    2. Vice Chairman                                  Alan Winter
    3. General Secretary                          JoAnne Rutter
    4. Treasurer                                            Nicholas Small
    5. Peal Secretary                                  Sue Marsden
    6. Education Officer                           Philip Bailey
    7. Bell Advisor                                       Tom Ridgman
    8. Public Relations Officer*           Dave Richards*
    9. Safeguarding Officer                    Phillip George
    10. Quarter Peal Secretary*              Sheila George*
    11. Webmaster                                        Janet Garnett
  10. Ratification of Bell Fund Trustee for the Cambridge district: Ian Hamilton (for the remaining 2 years of a 3-year term)
  11. Ratification of proposed EDA Rules
  12. Forthcoming Events.
  13. Any Other Business (previously notified to General Secretary) and Vote of Thanks. 

Draft minutes of the 2016 AGM are available here. Draft minutes of the SGM held on 29th October 2016 are here.

The new Rules and Regulations for the Association were formally presented and approved at the AGM. The new Rules are here, and the Regulations are here. They come into force in 2018; see the Home page for details.