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Corrections to Annual Reports

Page updated 19/05/2019

Corrections to 2018 Annual Report

A list of known errors in the Ely DA 2018 Annual Report is given here. Please inform the Webmaster (webmaster_at_elyda.org.uk) of any further errors.

Huntingdon District

Towers and members in the Huntingdon District

Fenstanton (p53)
The phone number for tower secretary Keith Page is (01480) 716774.

Great Gransden (p54)
The list of members should be:
2013 Catmur, Alasdair R J
1966 George, Phillip S ...... 309 (8,2)
1969 George, Sheila J. 29 (1)
2018 Pettit, Hazel
2011 Prest, David
2011 Prest, Sheila
2018 Walton, Lynn 
2009 Wynn, Janet

Updates to 2018 Annual Report

Cambridge District

Towers and members in the Cambridge District

West Wratting (p38)
Tower secretary is now:
Dr Mike Rowland,  Tel: 01223 290788  Email rowlandmgm@btinternet.com

Corrections to 2015 Annual Report

A list of known errors in the Ely DA 2015 Annual Report is given here. Please inform the Webmaster (webmaster_at_elyda.org.uk) of any further errors.

Ely District

Towers and members in the Ely District

Cottenham (p48)
The peal total for Peter R Brown should be 7, so his entry should read:
2000    Brown, Peter, R    7 (2)

Corrections to 2014 Annual Report

A list of known errors in the Ely DA 2014 Annual Report is given here. Please inform the Webmaster (webmaster_at_elyda.org.uk) of any further errors.

Cambridge District

Towers and members in the Cambridge District

Bassingbourn (page 32)
The list of members should include David Donnelly (not Donelly).

Ely District

Towers and members in the Ely District

Landbeach (page 47)
The list of members should include Steven (not Stephen) Dowle 

Corrections to 2013 Annual Report

A list of known errors in the Ely DA 2013 Annual Report is given here. Please inform the Webmaster (webmaster_at_elyda.org.uk) of any further errors.

Cambridge District

Towers and members in the Cambridge District

Bassingbourn (page 32)
Practice night is Monday (notTuesday) 7.30 (1st and 3rd).

Great Shelford (page 35)
The entries for Mervyn and Pat Brown should read:
2013    Brown, Mervyn    128
2013    Brown, Pat         105

Ringing members who are attached to no particular tower (page 40)
The entry for Christine Northeast should read:
1974    Northeast, Christine H      57

Ely District

Towers and members in the Ely District

Swaffham Prior (page 49)
Telephone for the Tower Secretary should be (01223) 812424

Swavesey (page 49)
Jane Turner should be included as a ringing member:
2012    Turner, Jane

Wisbech District

The address for the District website (page 64) should be: http://wisbech.elyda.org.uk.

Towers and members in the Wisbech District

Denver (page 65)
No Sunday evening service, so ringing times should be: Sunday 10:30; Tuesday 1.45 pm.

March (page 66)
Tower secretary is now Helen Greenleaves, 127a Upwell Road, March Cambridgeshire PE15 0DE
Telephone:  01354 278995 Email: helenanddicky_at_talktalk.net

Corrections to 2012 Annual Report

The Ely DA Annual Report for 2012 was received at the AGM on 6th May 2013, but it is recognised that there are errors in the text, especially in the pages for the Districts. A list of corrections is given here. 

Cambridge District

District Officers (2012) page 21

Secretary: Email address is cambridgesec_at_elyda.org.uk
District website    http://www.cambridgeringing.info/

Towers and Members in the Cambridge District

Cherry Hinton/Trumpington page 25/30. Hazel Davies and Pam J Davies are shown as Cherry Hinton members, but should be Trumpington.

Great Wilbraham page 26. Add membership details
2011    Clare George

Ely District

District Officers (2012) page 32

Secretary: Email address is elysec_at_elyda.org.uk
District Committee should read: Peter Binns, Geoff Grayton, Roderick Johnstone, Rosemary Palmer, Simon Smith, Wendy Smith (unchanged for 2013)
District website:    http://ely.elyda.org.uk/

Towers and Members in the Ely District

Burwell page 35. Secretary is now Mrs Dee F Smith, 27, Mason Road, Burwell, Cambridgeshire. CB25 0BG. Telephone: 0 1638 615423 Email:dee.fsmith_at_ntlworld.com

Chatteris page 35 Membership details for Colin Johnson and Andrew Stracey should be: 
1978    Johnson, Colin A     540 (12)
2004    Stracey, Andrew E    1

Cottenham page 36 Membership details for Peter Brown should be:
2000    Brown, Peter R    5

Histon page 37 Add membership details:
2008    Richards, David C W    1 (1)

Longstanton page 38 Membership details for Susan Rutter should be:
2009    Rutter, Susan

Stretham page 39. Dedication is St James (not St James the Great).

Swaffham Bulbeck page 39. Add membership details:
2012    Davies, Gareth    149 (2,1).
Note that Gareth Davies should not be included in the list, on page 67, of NRLM active during 2012.

Huntingdon District

The first two pages of the Huntingdon District details (pp 41 and 42) are repeated from 2011.
The correct versions are given below (please see also the details of District Officers and Events on the Huntingdon District website at http://www.huntbell.co.uk)

District Officers (2012) page 41

President:      Richard Hough

Secretary:        Sally Mew, Houghton Bury, Thicket Road, Houghton, Cambridgeshire. PE28 2DB
                        Telephone: (01480) 467156
                        Email: huntingdonsec_at_elyda.org.uk

Membership Secretary:      Jane K A Hough, 138, Hartford Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. PE29 1XQ
                                        Telephone: (01480
) 453230     
                                        Email: jane_at_hough.waitrose.com

Ringing Masters:      Jez Bottley, Sheila J George

BRF Trustee:      George E Bonham

Central Council Rep:      George E Bonham

Diocesan Committee:      Phillip S George, John Boocock

District Bell Fund:      Catherina Griffiths

District Committee:      Hannah Campbell, John Haas and Graham Hill

District Bookstall:       Graham Hill

HCBRS Representative:      Ruth Ball

Changes for 2013

District Committee:      Jez Bottley joins, John Haas retires

Ringing Masters:      Angie Gell joins (Acting), Jez Bottley retires

Huntingdon District Events 2013

18 May:  Eynesbury 3.00-4.30

 1 June:  District Quarter Peal Day

 8 June   Surprise major practice Bluntisham 10-00-12.00

15 June  Annual tour

20 July   Ellington 5.45-6.15 Kimbolton 6.30-8.00

10 Aug   Car treasure hunt

14 Sept  Surprise major practice Hemingford Grey 10.00-12.00

21 Sept  Bluntisham/Holywell 3.00 onwards

19 Oct   Warboys 3.00-4.30

    Nov   Young ringers’ afternoon (half term)

16 Nov   Ramsey 3.00-4.30

14 Dec  Surprise practice Hemingford Grey 10.00-12.00

18 January 2014   Annual District Meeting – Gamlingay and Great Gransden

District website:   http://www.huntbell.co.uk/
District email list: http://ely.anglican.org/mailman/listinfo/huntingdon-district-bells.ely

Huntingdon District Secretary’s Report 2012 page 42

A good year, I think, for the Huntingdon District.   Membership numbers are up, which includes an increase in junior members.   Attendance at the monthly meetings has been quite steady and there have been other ringing events.

We have continued with the quarterly 8 bell surprise practices, due to their popularity in previous years.   Iain Hayden has arranged dedicated practices for young ringers, who get the chance to call changes, lead up and down and ring a variety of methods.  And, of course, there was the annual tour - this year to Essex - where 32 of us visited 6 towers, some with challenging bells but all in a beautiful setting.   Catherina Griffiths, once again, organised a great event and this year even managed the weather.   It was a beautiful day – one of the few in 2012!

In November, another Young Ringers’ afternoon took place, organised by Phillip George and held at Hemingford Grey.  As usual, it was a lot of fun and this year there was a striking competition after tea.   The young ringers not only took part in the competition but were also encouraged to mark the other teams.   It was taken very seriously! 

So, those are now all regular, popular ringing events in the District.  However, this year we had both the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics to celebrate – and celebrate we did!

For the Diamond Jubilee, there were 56 (recorded) events which included 3 peals, numerous quarter peals, various touches and call changes, many of which included ‘Queens’ funnily enough.   Quite a few towers thought this a welcome excuse to open bottles of champagne too!  I am not going to list the towers or what was rung in this report but you can find the information on our website.

And then there were the Olympics.   Even those not interested in sport joined in with the celebrations, either when the flame went past or just to mark the occasion.    Quarter peals and touches were rung during July and August and at 8.12 am on the opening day many towers participated in the ‘All the Bells’ project. 

There are always some ringers who struggle to ring certain methods, due to lack of experience or lack of ringers in their home tower.   We have had a couple of initiatives this year which have helped.  Hannah Campbell organised some Bristol Surprise practices at Hemingford Grey for some of our more experience ringers.  These were very well received.   Also, we have a band of ringers from across the District who are available to go and help out on practice nights as and when they are needed.   As Jez Bottley makes the arrangements, this band is called ‘Bottley’s Bonkers’.   Jez is still recruiting volunteers and you can read more about their success on the website.

Which brings me neatly to our next success of 2012 – our website.   Jez set up the website in May and it has been very popular.  It contains up to date news about ringing in the District, maps and tower information, photographs, interesting articles and very useful links to other sites.  The District Committee is extremely grateful to Jez for his commitment and hard work in establishing the website and maintaining it.

 In February, we had our annual district dinner, held at the George in Huntingdon.   There were record numbers – over 90 booked in.   Michael White organised a splendid evening including a quiz (they get harder every year), hand bell ringing and after dinner speaker.   Michael has now retired from organising the evening and has handed over to Janet Yeo.   This is a good opportunity to thank him for arranging the annual dinners in the past – it is an extremely time consuming task but the organisation has always been superb and the evenings a great success. 

Once again, we had a car treasure hunt instead of a monthly ringing meeting in August.   Richard and Jane Hough set the clues and organised the event and afterwards we were treated to a delicious supper in Sheila and Phillip George’s garden.  We saved some food for the couple who went completely wrong and arrived after the prize giving ...  Despite competition from the Olympics, there were about 30 participants, and it was a great evening.   Many thanks to all who helped and all who participated.

Of course, all of the above events and initiatives are successful because of support from the whole District.   A big thank you, therefore, goes to the Ringing Masters who have organised many of the quarter peals rung this year and who lead the ringing at the monthly meetings.  Thanks go to all of you who come to the meetings, run practices, organise outings and other events, conduct, train and mentor.  Finally, I thank all who have supported me this year with advice and encouragement.  Let’s hope 2013 is a good year too!

Sally Mew, January 2013

Wisbech District

District Officers (2013) page 54

Secretary    Email address is wisbechsec_at_elyda.org.uk
District website    http://wisbech.elyda.org.uk/

Towers and Members in the Wisbech District

Fincham page 56. Add Pamela Wakeling (transferred from Shouldham), remove Susan Hayward (should be Unattached)
2007    Wakeling, Pamela    3

Shouldham page 57. Remove Pamela Wakeling (transferred to Fincham).

Unattached page 58. Add Susan Hayward
2012    Hayward, Susan

Quarter peal report

The quarter peal report (page 61) mentions date touches rung at Great Gransden and Cherry Hinton. A date touch was also rung at Trumpington, on 01/01/2012.