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Look To - Chairman's Chat

December 2019

Well, everyone, the festive season is here with us yet again, and with it the opportunities to ring for the Christingles, Crib Services, Midnight Communion and Christmas morning. (Isn’t it great to ring, and hear, the bells on a cold, frosty Christmas Day?)

I thought I’d just say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the ringing in the Association, however large, however small. It is, I assure you, very much appreciated, from the teachers who patiently teach people to ring and improve, to the experienced ringers who ring peals of complicated stuff! Thank you all, and a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year of ringing in 2020.

(And, as Tiny Tim observed, in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, “may God bless us.....every one!”)


October 2019

Hi, everyone. 

Have you ever been in a situation (I know I have) when someone mentions a ringing term, or uses ringing jargon, and you haven’t a clue what they’re on about? And you ask, in all innocence, “what does that mean?” and they look at you pityingly and say, like the Owl said to Thumper in the Disney film Bambi, “Don’t you know?”

Things like why we need singles, why we get an extent of Bob Doubles with bobs only and yet you have to have singles for an extent of Grandsire Doubles, that kind of thing. Everyone thinks everybody knows about these things, but, sadly, we often don’t!

To this end, having consulted with EDA RATO Dee Smith, I’m running a workshop at Stretham REC, near Ely, on Saturday next, October 26th, from 2:00 until 4:00. It’s called “What you’ve always wanted to know about ringing but were afraid to ask”. It’ll include things like “why singles”, “the nature of the rows”, and simple method construction. You don’t need to be an “expert” (anyway, there aren’t any experts in the EDA); however, you may need to know about Plain Bob and Grandsire, but if you don’t, just come along anyway; it won’t be a difficult thing, you won’t get “put on the spot” by being asked awkward questions, and....there will be some ringing afterwards.

So, if you’re interested, let Louise at the REC know (email Louise on strethamrec_at_elyda.org.uk). Maybe see you there on Saturday 26th October at 2:00 at Stretham REC.

Happy ringing!


September 2019

Hi, everybody! Hoping you all had a great summer and good holidays. Now it’s back to the grindstone, sadly!

I just thought I’d mention the fact that there are C2 Safeguarding modules being held on 23rd September at Fordham, 7th October at Histon and 20th January, 2020, at Downham Market.
Remember that ALL Tower Captains need to complete the C0, C1 and C2 modules. C2 is the only one that you can’t, at present, do on-line. You have to go, unfortunately, to the appropriate venue which, if you look on the Diocesan website (NOT the EDA website) you can find out exactly where it is being held. You can also book your place on it. It’s an easy module, no test at the end, and simple to follow. It is a mandatory requirement for all who are involved in teaching, or any activity which is likely to have children, young people or vulnerable adults present. I am of course aware of the robust procedures you have in your districts (well done for that); however these modules need to be completed notwithstanding.

There are loads of opportunities for ringing at this time of the year; Harvest Festivals, Church and Village events, Christmas coming up, to name but a few. Keeps us active, fit and mentally alert (except for me, that is). So…..let’s get ringing!

Happy bellringing!

 “This is all”.


July 2019

Hi, everyone. No, I haven’t disappeared from the face of the Earth; it’s just that what with the AGM, and then heavy periods of examination invigilation at the University during the Summer Term, things have been hectic!
Firstly, thanks to all who made my very first AGM go so smoothly. It was very good to see all of you at St Ives. The 8-bell Striking Competition at Hemingford Grey was enjoyable, too. Beautiful, sitting down there by the river.

With the holidays and outings season upon us, ringing opportunities are increased. Let’s hope the weather is good to us. 

I was thinking, that as I’m an A.R.T. Workshop Leader, if there might be interest in having a theory workshop session, perhaps a morning or afternoon, at Stretham REC. The session would be “things you always wanted to know about ringing but were afraid to ask”. Stuff like:
  • why do you need singles to get a 120 of Grandsire Doubles, but in Bob Doubles you only have bobs
  • why do you need at least two singles to get a full 720 of Bob Minor, but not in Kent or Cambridge
  • what does “in-course” and “out-of-course” mean
  • what is “the nature of the rows”
And, if time, we could do some simple method construction....how you make a method.

In the meantime, have a great summer of ringing, everyone, and enjoy it, whether it’s peals, quarters, outings, practices or service ringing. (And, if you can, encourage others to “come and join us”!)


March 2019

Hi, everybody!

As many of you good people will know, the weekend 2nd-3rd March saw the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) Annual Conference at Worcester. This was a very successful weekend for the Association, as Lesley Boyle, Ringing Master of the Ely District (and also an ART Tutor) received an award for Inspirational Leadership. Also, a young ringer who is a member of the Suffolk Guild as well as of the Ely DA, received an award for Best Young Achiever. Well done to you both from us all!

ART is, of course, not without its critics, as recent letters in the Ringing World have shown; but most of this criticism, sadly, is based upon inaccurate and misleading information and speculation. I’ve been a member of ART for several years, and have nothing but praise for it. Of course, it doesn’t get things right 100% of the time (none of us do, do we?) and never claims to, but I say to you all that I wish I’d been taught in the “ART way”!

With the springtime nearly upon us (here’s hoping!) we’ve got the summer days and lots of ringing to look forward to, as well as outings and Striking Competitions! O.k., let’s get out there and ring…and enjoy it!

Happy ringing, everyone. “This is all”.


Feb 2019

Hi, everybody!

This is something I’d like to do regularly, and have a brief “chat” with you good people!

Firstly, at long last I’ve managed to get round to all the Districts. My apologies for this having taken nearly two months, but a serious problem with my car meant my wife Carol and I were kind of out of action for nearly a fortnight!  You have all made us so welcome at your Meetings, and it was really good to meet you. Thank you all. It was also very good to be able to give out the long-service certificates.

Next, Carol and I are members of ART (the Association of Ringing Teachers), who contacted us in January to let us know that our DBS certificates were in urgent need of updating. This we’ve done. This has to happen every five years, unless the certificate is automatically updated (you have to arrange for this to happen on-line).  It might be a good idea, for those of you Tower Captains and others, who are teaching bell-handling, to make sure your DBS certificate is up-to-date.  If you go on-line to the Update Service, this will happen automatically, so that means you don’t need to worry about this in five years  time!

Happy ringing, everyone. “This is all”.