Peal Compositions

Peal compositions from peals rung for or composed by members of the Association:

There is a separate website of Martin Kitson's peal compositions for major, caters and royal methods here.


Peal Compositions Index
Peals of Triples
Year Method(s) Composer
2005 5040 Plain Bob Triples Maurice Thurmott
Peals of Plain Major
Year Method(s) Composer
2000 5060 Double Norwich Court Bob Major Alan Barber
2004 5024 Kent Treble Bob Major Generated by BYROC
2009 5056 Plain Bob Major  Phillip S George
2013 5056 Plain Bob Major (No. 2) Phillip S George
Peals of Spliced Plain Major
Year Method(s) Composer
1991 5088 Spliced Plain Major Maurice Atkins (Arranged Ian Holland)
(5m: Plain Bob, Double Bob, St Clement's College Bob, Little Bob and Gainsborough Little Bob)
Peals of Delight Major
Year Method(s) Composer
1992 5056 Over Delight Major Alan Barber
Peals of Surprise Major
Year Method(s) Composer
2003 5088 Anne's New Kettle Surprise Major Generated by BYROC
1992 5024 Bristol Surprise Major Murry Coleman
1992 5088 Bristol Surprise Major Paul Flavell
2000 5088 Bristol Surprise Major John Morris
1992 5120 Cambridge Surprise Major Brian Price
1992 5184 Falmouth Surprise Major Murry Coleman
1991 5024 Framley Surprise Major Dennis Knox (Arranged David Beard)
2006 5024 Rutland Surprise Major David W Beard

1991 5024 Superlative Surprise Major Nolan Golden
2005 5200 Trafalgar Surprise Major Maurice Thurmott
2003 5088 Watford Surprise Major Generated by BYROC
1991 5056 Yorkshire Suprise Major Michael Bruce
Peals of Spliced Surprise Major
Year Method(s) Composer
1991 5088 Spliced Surprise Major Joseph W Parker
(5m: London, Cambridge, Rutland, Bristol and Superlative)
1991 5120 Spliced Surprise Major Graham A C John
(9m: Rutland, London, Superlative, Cambridge, Pudsey, Lincolnshire, Bristol, Yorkshire and Glasgow)
Peals of Caters
Year Method(s) Composer
2004 5057 Grandsire Caters Maurice Thurmott
2003 5003 Grandsire Caters Maurice Thurmott
Peals of Royal
Year Method(s) Composer
2011 5136 Spliced Plain and Little Bob Royal Phillip S George
2004 5086 Cambridge Surprise Royal Thomas Griffiths
2000 5040 Elgood Surprise Royal Traditional Compositition
2005 5000/5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal Maurice Thurmott
Peals of Octuples
Year Method(s) Composer
2004 5100 Erin Octuples Philip A B Saddleton