Peal Secretary's Report 2007

The total number of peals rung in 2007 was one hundred and twenty-six, down on the previous year's total although there has been a significant increase in the number of handbell peals.
The figures for the year are as follows:
Tower Bell Hand Bell Total Peals
Doubles 8 8
Minor 25 3 28
Triples 13 13
Major 65 9 74
Caters 2 2
Royal 3 3
Totals for 2007 113 15 128
Totals for 2006 162 4 166
Analysis of the methods and conductors:
DOUBLES 8 Grandsire (1), Stedman (1), multi-methods (6)
Leading (C): Peter Waterfield (5)
MINOR 28 Plain Bob (6), Cambridge Surprise (2), London Surprise (1), multi-method (2m to 10m) (19)
Leading (C): Peter Waterfield (6)
TRIPLES 13 Plain (1), Grandsire (1), Single methods (6), Stedman (5)
Leading (C): Derek Sibson (6)
MAJOR 74 Plain Bob (4), Double Norwich Court Bob (2), Kent Treble Bob (2), Surprise: Bristol (6), Cambridge (2), Lincolnshire (3), London (2), Rutland (2), Yorkshire (4), Single methods (32), Spliced (15)
Leading (C): Derek Sibson (27)
CATERS 2 Grandsire (1), Stedman (1)
Leading (C): Thomas Griffiths and Robert Dennis (1)
ROYAL 3 Plain Bob (2), Kent Treble Bob (1)
Leading (C): Michael Purday (2)
Congratulations to the thirteen first pealers this year who are Maureen Havil, Angela Gell, Graham Hill, Sarah Johnson, Steve Martin, Richard May, JoAnne Rutter, William Scheilling, Cathy Smith, Pauline Stratford, Cheryl Ward, Jonathan Western and Theo Wilson on tower bells and to Michael White and Ben Willetts on handbells.

The first peal on the augmented bells at Great Shelford was rung in July which also included several other firsts for the local band.

There was first conductor success for Peter Johnstone, James Maltby and Nick Smith on tower bells and Michael Purday on handbells.
Personal achievements reached during this year:
150th peal    Philip Bailey
2,750th peal    John Gipson
400th peal    Graham Hall and Paul Seaman
John Gipson has continued to lead the peal records this year by ringing fifty-seven peals. Derek Sibson is the leading conductor with thirty-three peals and also celebrated his fiftieth year of peal ringing.
Peals have been rung this year to celebrate the wedding of Jonathan Hetherington & Elizabeth Astbury, Christopher Bailey & Marie Long and Simon Williams & Melanie Knight. Wedding anniversaries have been marked by peals for Mike & Sue Ellis (25 years), Douglas & Marion Robinson (39 years), Robert & Jo Taylor (40 years) and a platinum anniversary for George & Veronica Burton.
Peals were rung in memory of Keith Buckingham, Geoff Dyson, Leslie Harvey, Thomas Howell, Roderic Minshull, Annie Newcombe, Pauline Pelling, Marion Perryman and Peggy Stanier.
After several years of work which was started by Patrick Brooke when he was peal secretary, the Association’s peals are now all in an electronic database. The validation of the information is underway and hopefully will be completed within the next year or so. This has led to finding some discrepancies in the peal totals of members and towers, the figures have been amended to reflect this. Please advise me if you disagree with your peal total.
May I remind conductors that it is their responsibility to forward the peal fee and details to me within two months of the performance (except for December peals which have a deadline of the end of January).
Andrew Stevens

Peal performance summary 2007.