Peal Secretary's Report 2008

The total number of peals rung in 2008 was one hundred and thirty-four.

The figures for the year are as follows:
Tower Bell Hand Bell Total Peals
   Doubles 8 8
   Minor 22 22
   Triples 15 15
   Major 74 7 81
   Caters 4 4
   Royal 1 2 3
   Maximus 1 1

   Totals for 2008 125 9 134

   Totals for 2007 113 15 128
Analysis of the methods and conductors:
   DOUBLES 8 Stedman (1), Multi-methods (7)
   MINOR 22 Plain Bob (1), Cambridge Surprise (1), multi-method (2m-14m) (20)
   TRIPLES 15 Plain Bob (1), Single methods (9), Stedman (5)
   MAJOR 81 Plain Bob (5), Double Norwich Court Bob (3), Kent Treble Bob (1), Delight (2), Surprise: Bristol (5), Cambridge (3), Lincolnshire (1), Pudsey (1), Rutland (3), Yorkshire (9), Single methods (27), Spliced (21)
   CATERS 4 Grandsire (2), Double Norwich Court Bob (1), Erin (1)
   ROYAL 3 Kent Treble Bob (1), Cambridge Surprise (2)
   MAXIMUS 1 Phobos Surprise (1)

The average times for peal performances this year on tower bells was two hours, 46 minutes, handbells was 2h23 and 1h59 on campanile bells.

Congratulations to the four first pealers this year who are Mark Campbell, Caroline Looper, David Mottram and Sharon Stimpson. There was first conductor success for Victoria Johnstone.
Personal achievements reached during this year:
25th peal Victoria Johnstone
175th peal Philip Bailey
200th peal Alan Winter
350th peal Michael Purday
350th peal Marion Robinson
450th peal Graham Hall
500th peal Geoffrey Perryman
700th peal Paul Seaman
900th peal Peter Waterfield
2500th peal E Jane Sibson
4000th peal Derek E Sibson
For the Association:
100th peal Edith Robinson
150th peal Philip Bailey
200th peal Richard Castledine
300th peal Graham Hall
John G Gipson  

John Gipson leads the totals for this year by ringing sixty-two peals as well as achieving one thousand, five hundred peals on the bells at Meldreth, circling the tower at least one hundred and fifty times. Derek Sibson is the leading conductor with forty-six peals.
Swavesey Peal Band

In November, the first peal on the augmented bells at Swavesey was rung which also included several firsts for the local band.
(Left-Right): David Mottram, Caroline Looper, Andrew and Caroline Stevens, Jon Reed, Naomi Laredo, Mark Campbell and Norman Norris
Photo: Peter Looper
A peal at Soham has marked two hundred years of ten bells in the tower. One hundred years were celebrated at Great Gransden and Shouldham. Meldreth has celebrated forty years with eight bells and Oakington, thirty years with six bells. Crimplesham has reached one hundred peals on the bells.
Peals have been rung this year to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of David Lilley, Marion Robinson’s sixty-fifth and John Gipson’s eighty-fifth.
Peals were rung in memory of George Burton of Downham Market.
This is my final report as peal secretary and I would like to thank those conductors and organisers who have forwarded the details and peal fees in a timely manner and especially to Caroline for the hours of proof reading.

Andrew Stevens
Peal Performance Summary Report 2008