Quarter Peal Report 2011

Annual quarter peal reports for 201020092008 and 2007 are available,
as are quarter peal summaries for 2011201020092008 and 2007,
and lists of all quarter peals rung in 201020092008 and 2007.

The data used for this report is taken from the Ringing Worlds for the year 2011 and January 2012 and includes only those tower and handbell quarters rung at churches, campaniles and residences within the Diocese of Ely. The figures may not tie up with your own records, especially if you have rung quarters outside the Diocese or quarters have not been sent up to the Ringing World.
The following figures include 34 (33) quarters rung in 2010 but published late in the RW.
A total of 626 quarters have been recorded, up on last year's total of 531 and setting a new record.
The Districts retain their usual running order with 302 (252) in the Cambridge District, 168 (175) in the Ely District, 139 (92) in the Huntingdon District and 18 (12) in the Wisbech District.
A total of 536 (502) ringers have taken part; 35% only rang one quarter; 82% rang ten or fewer, 18% rang ten or more.
Congratulations to the 33 (21) who have rung a quarter for the first time - they are:
Lee Bailey
Roger Blount
Jon Croke
Clive Dalton
Charlotte Field
Clare George
Amanda Hardy
Judy Hirst
Richard Holness
Laura Howard
David Huddleston
Colin Humphryes
Steve Jennings
William Johnson
Anne Judd
Peter King
Becky Loudon
Julia Neale
Jennifer Novice
Marion Palmann
Ray Porter
David Prest
Martin Prest
Sheila Prest
Helen Smith
Sue Surridge
Richard Thomas
Dennis Thrift
Susan Tilbrook
Sandra Webb
Catherine Willcocks
Alexander Wilson
Edward Yang
Three have rung their first in hand - Sally Mew, William Brooke and Samantha Gorman.
Janet Garnett retains her top position as leading ringer and those ringing 20+ appear in the list below:
Janet Garnett 166 Jonathan Agg 37 Lyn Clackson 27
Geoff Grayton 93 Susan Binns 37 Andrew Downs 27
June Mackay 89 Jez Bottley 37 JoAnne Rutter 27
Marion Robinson 82 Philip Bailey 35 Luke Smith 27
Max Drinkwater 66 Liz Griffith Jones 34 Sheila George 26
Vanessa Webster 64 Ann Evans 33 Felicity Webster 26
Jon Reed 62 Alan Winter 33 Will Scheilling 25
John Boocock 58 Anne Bridge 32 Dee Smith 24
Christine Northeast 58 Ian Cresshull 32 Sally Mew 23
Edith Robinson 57 Geoffrey Reed 32 Paul Seaman 23
David Richards 54 Michael Davies 31 Patricia Cresshull 22
Cass Boocock 49 Phillip George 31 John Gipson 22
Iain Hayden 48 Samantha Gorman 31 Philip Gorman 22
Jonathan Western 48 Jackie Latham 31 Frank King 22
Helen Atkins 45 Tom Ridgman 31 Robert Oakeshott 22
Naomi Laredo 44 Richard C Smith 31 Hannah Campbell 21
Adrian Malton 42 Andrew Marshall 29 Stephen Croxall 21
Peter Hinton 40 Michael White 29 Carol Wilkinson 21
Roderick Johnstone 40 Penny English 28 Susan Marsden 20
Penny Browne 39 Peter Smith 28

The leading conductor was Janet Garnett conducting 61 (52) of the quarters she rung followed by Adrian Malton 36 and Edith Robinson 29 (34).
Conducting for the first time were Simon Kershaw, June Mackay, Steve Jennings, Emily Pye, Geoff Durrant, Matthew Jordan, Andrew Marshall, Andrew Smith, and Christopher Surridge. Edith Robinson records her 350th as Conductor and Stephen Croxall 200th. Peter Hinton records his 500th as Conductor.
98 were recorded as service ringing which is only 16% of the total rung. We must therefore thank all the incumbents for allowing us the use of their bells and giving us permission to ring, often at no cost.
So what was rung ?
Singles 5
Singles & Minimus 1
Minimus 4
Doubles 165
Minor 206
Triples 78
Triples & Major 1
Major 140
Caters 6
Royal 6
Cinques 4
Maximus 10
Top 10 choices of methods
Plain Bob Doubles 66
Plain Bob Minor 64
Plain Bob Triples 38
Cambridge Surprise Minor 36
Plain Bob Major 28
Yorkshire Surprise Major 26
Grandsire Doubles 24
Grandsire Triples 24
Cambridge Surprise Major 22
Doubles 3m 18
Included in the totals are two date touches of 2011 changes at Great Gransden and Trumpington. The number of methods being included in the mixed doubles is on the rise, and of particular note are the quarters of Spliced Surprise Major 15m at Orwell, Spliced Surprise Minor 16m at Stretham, Splice Surprise Minor 21m at Wilburton and Spliced Surprise 23m on handbells at Hertford Street, Cambridge.
In the list of towers, Histon retains the leading position 46 (48); followed by St Edwards Cambridge 41 (42) and Meldreth 35 (0ver 28).
From the footnotes:
Quarters were rung:
* To celebrate births of ringer's babies - Thomas Bray, baby Bench Capon, Hannah Elizabeth Probert
* For the retirement of Janet Garnett, Christine Northeast, and David C Brown
* Catriona O'Farrell and Alex Wilson's Wedding
* Naomi Laredo & Jon Reed's 10th Wedding Anniversary :
* Pat & Ian Cresshull's 35th Wedding Anniversary
* June & Jack King's 60th Wedding Anniversary
* Farewell to Anne Bridge moving to Norfolk
* Farewell to Rebecca Hudson moving to Australia
* To celebrate the lives of ringers - Bill Ridgman, Albert Davey, Mike Ellis, Mark AS Jones, Roderick Pipe, and Harry Winter
* For the enthronement of the Bishop of Ely
* For the Centenary of the Ringing World
* For the Wedding of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
* For the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible

From the footnotes of particular note were the following personal milestones:
* Jenny Goodwin 25th
* Sally Mew 50th
* June Mackay 150th
* Geoffrey Reed & Iain Hayden 200th
* Jonathan Western 250th
* Vanessa Webster 250th & 25th as Conductor
* Shirley Warbrick 275th
* Geoff Grayton & Max Drinkwater 300th
* Luke Smith & Di Carpenter 400th
* Andrew Downs 500th
* Robert Walker 600th
* Phillip George 700th
* Philip Bailey 800th
* Peter Hinton 900th
* Janet Garnett 1000th
* Liz Griffith Jones 1500th
* Clive Moore 2300th

Ringers' special birthdays were celebrated:
* Vicki Johnstone 16th
* Alice Moden 18th
* Elspeth Novice 50th
* Phillip George 60th
* Mike Davies & Geoff Paul 70th
* Michael White, 75th
* Derek Latchford 80th
* Victor Hughes 90th
I end with the usual pleas - publish early, keep footnotes brief and concise and Christian names please.
Sheila George

A summary of quarter peals rung in 2011 is here. A report of the 2011 Association quarter peal afternoon is here.