Quarter Peal Report 2008

The data used for this report is taken from the Ringing Worlds for the year 2008 and January 2009 and includes only those tower and handbell quarters rung at churches, campaniles and residences within the Diocese of Ely. The figures may not tie up with your own records, especially if you have rung quarters outside the Diocese.
A total of 482 quarters have been recorded, up by 71 on last year’s total. Unfortunately 36 of these were rung in 2007 and published too  late to be included in last year’s report. Again I recommend using the Internet to send up your quarters either direct to the Ringing World or through Campanophile.
The Districts retain their usual running order with 225 in the Cambridge District, 161 in the Ely District, 63 in the Huntingdon District and 33 in the Wisbech District.
Congratulations to the 32 who have rung a quarter for the first time - they are:
Jack Allen
Miles Beadman
Jenny Blackaby
William Brooke
Hannah Cartwright
Jeremy Cartwright
Jasmine Cartwright
Bill Cook
Chris Ellis
Gill Emberson
Emma Gill
Jean Harding
Bob Higgs
Heather Huddlestone
Jonathan Hunt
Helen Ingram
Judith Jennett
Parker Kegel
Jackie Latham
Justin Looper
Colin MacDonald
Colin Manning
David Merrifield
David Mestel
Ray Porter
Sharyn Robinson
Steve Salmon
Roseen Scott
David Scott
Katy Surridge
Sue Toule
Elaine Wilkinson
Conducting a quarter for the first time were Jonathan Agg, Lydia Allen, Bill Cook and Jackie Latham.
Janet Garnett retains her top position as leading ringer and only those ringing thirty or more appear in the list of leading ringers below.
Janet Garnett 117
Philip Bailey 77
Edith Robinson 70
Chris Northeast 59
Helen Atkins 56
Geoff Grayton 48
Marion Robinson 47
Jonathon Western 44
Benjamin Willetts 40
Alan Winter 40
Susan Marsden 41
Luke Smith 39
Samantha George 37
Michael Davies 36
Liz Griffith-Jones 36
Vicki Johnstone 36
Stephen Theobald 36
Geoffrey Reed 35
Robert Oakeshott 32
Paul Seaman 32
Michael Purday 31
Will Scheilling 31
Roderick Johnstone 30
The leading conductor was also Janet Garnett conducting 29 of the quarters she rang closely followed by Edith Robinson (28) and Philip Bailey (27).
This year Histon has once again taken the leading position pushing St Edwards Cambridge into second place.
So what was rung ? Minimus 5
Doubles 132
Doubles/Minor 3
Minor 177
Triples 39
Major 104
Caters 5
Royal 6
Cinques 5
Maximus 6
Quarters were rung to remember the lives of ringers - Peter Goodwin (Fordham), Peggy Stanier (Swaffham Prior), Derek Careless (Great Shelford), Arthur Whiteside (Stanground), Donald Knights (Sutton), and David Mandley (Chatteris).
From the footnotes of particular note were the following personal milestones:
Geoff Grayton 100th
Joan Lonsdale 100th
Sharon Stimpson 100th
Jonathan Western 100th
Will Scheilling 150th
Luke Smith 300th
Paul Seaman 800th and 400th as Conductor
Stephen Theobald 1000th
Special birthdays were also celebrated - Jack Allen 16th, Catt Smith 18th, Tessa Beadman, Hazel Davies & William Newman 21st, Ben Willetts 30th, Des Phillips 40th, Jonathon Hardy 50th, Ian Davies, Chris Northeast and Paul Seaman gained bus passes; elder statesmen Chris Clare, Barbara Mitchell and John Somers reached 70 and Albert Davey celebrated his 90th. Mike Davies celebrated with a quarter as he retired as Tower Captain at Histon after 20 years.
Engagement compliments were paid to Phil Gorman & Samantha George and marriages of Ian and Elizabeth MacKay and Andrew Harvey and Liz Griffiths were celebrated. Wedding Anniversaries were marked for Phil and Liz Orme 25th, Sarah and Howard Taylor 40th, Joan and Barry Lonsdale 40th, and Lynn and Geoff Reed 40th.
I end with the usual plea – publish early and Christian names please.
Sheila George
A detailed list of all the quarter peals rung in 2008; a summary of the quarter peals rung can be found here.