Quarter Peal Report 2010

The data used for this report is taken from the Ringing Worlds for the year 2010 and January 2011 and includes only those tower and handbell quarters rung at churches, campaniles and residences within the Diocese of Ely. The figures may not tie up with your own records, especially if you have rung quarters outside the Diocese or quarters have not been sent up to the Ringing World.
The following figures include 33 quarters rung in 2009 but published late in the RW and, unfortunately, details of the Association Quarter Peal Day held in November 2010 had not been published in time to be included in this report. I urge you to send details of all quarters either direct to the Ringing World or through Campanophile.
A total of 531 quarters have been recorded, up on last year's total and setting a new record surpassing the 526 rung in 2001.
The Districts retain their usual running order with 252 in the Cambridge District, 175 in the Ely District, 92 in the Huntingdon District and 12 in the Wisbech District.
A total of 502 ringers have taken part (469). 36% (35%) only rang one quarter, 19% (20%) rang 10 or more and 10 % (7%) rang 20 or more. (2009 figures in brackets)
Congratulations to the twenty-one who have rung a quarter for the first time - they are:
Sylvia Allen
Jenny Ansell
David Armitstead
Gay Balch
Will Benfold
Dorothy Brooke
Louise Dobson
Sean Edwards
James Ellison
Philip Loudon
June Mackay
Cecily Marshall
Philip Marshall
Kevin Nail
Matthew Nail
Jayne Norris
Henry Pipe
Dee Potter
Mary Read
Catherine Richardson
Bill Thompson
Conducting for the first time were John Boocock, Jez Bottley, Jessie MacLeod, Felicity Webster and Jonathan Western.
Janet Garnett retains her top position as leading ringer and those ringing 20+ appear in the list below:
Janet Garnett 138 Samantha Gorman 31 Andrew Stevens 25
Geoff Grayton 90 Chris Northeast 31 Sharon Stimpson 25
Marion Robinson 63 Michael Purday 31 Michael White 25
Edith Robinson 53 Paul Seaman 31 Max Drinkwater 24
Alan Winter 51 Peter Hinton 28 Des Phillips 24
Jonathan Western 50 Robert Oakshott 28 Christine Seaman 24
Sue Binns 43 Tom Ridgman 28 Jonathan Agg 22
Andy Marshall 43 Cass Boocock 27 Jez Bottley 22
Philip Bailey 42 Patrick Brooke 27 Jackie Latham 22
Vanessa Webster 41 Susan Marsden 27 Jon Reed 22
Geoffrey Reed 40 John Boocock 26 Greg Shields 22
June Mackay 39 Alison Brooke 26 Lyn Clackson 21
Roderick Johnstone 38 John Causer 26 Naomi Laredo 21
Helen Atkins 36 Mike Davies 26 Karen Hindley 20
Phillip George 35 Felicity Webster 26 Sally Mew 20
Penny English 33 Iain Hayden 25 Will Scheilling 20
Dee Smith 33 Barbara Le Gallez 25 Catriona Shearer 20
Stephen Theobald 32 David Richards 25
The leading conductor was Janet Garnet conducting 52 of the quarters she rung followed by Edith Robinson (34) and Phillip George (23). Peter Hinton records 500th as Conductor.
So what was rung ?
Singles 2
Minimus 1
Doubles 161
Minor 180
Doubles/Minor 1
Triples 60
Major 108
Caters 3
Royal 6
Cinques 4
Maximus 5
Top 10 choices of methods
Plain Bob Minor 74
Plain Bob Doubles 66
Grandsire Doubles 40
Cambridge Surprise Minor 37
Mixed Doubles 37
Plain Bob Triples 32
Plain Bob Major 30
Cambridge Surprise Major 20
Mixed Minor 20
Grandsire Triples 18
Histon retains the leading position (48); followed by Cambridge St Edwards (42) and Over (28).
Included in the totals are four date touches of 2010 changes at Great Gransden, Trumpington, Swaffham Bulbeck and Chatteris. Methods named and rung for the first time: Ringing at Benets is a Delight Minor and MMCCXXIV Delight Minor. Several quarters of Mixed Doubles (11m) were scored and of particular note are the quarters of Spliced Surprise Major at Trumpington - the quarter in December consisting of 23 methods.
From the footnotes:
Quarters were rung:
dotto celebrate the births of Oliver Wyn Probert (Cherry Hinton) and Constance Jill Scheilling (Histon)
dotas an engagement compliment to Emily Russell and Dale Winter
dotas a wedding compliment to Kate Langley and Ben Willetts
dotas a 50th Wedding Anniversary compliment Jim & Gill Skillings
dotto remember the lives of ringers - Jean Sanderson (Haslingfield), Richard Moss (St Edwards, Cambridge) and John Somers (Swaffham Bulbeck), Sheila Begg, Rita Warren and Stephen Ivin.
    From the footnotes of particular note were the following personal milestones
    dotSally Mew 30
    dotJune Mackay 50
    dotGeoffrey Reed 150
    dotGeoff Grayton 200
    dotNaomi Laredo 250
    dotDoug Linnington 300
    dotMark Lloyd 300
    dotAndrew Downs 475
    dotPhilip Bailey 700
    dotJonathan Shanklin 900
    Ringers' special birthdays were celebrated:
    dotImogen Brooke 18th
    dotChris Smith 18th
    dotBecky Hudson 21st
    dotCatherine Looper 21st
    dotPhilip Bailey 35th
    dotMargaret Edwards 50th
    dotDee Smith 50th
    dotAngus Campbell 60th
    dotBarry Johnson 60th
    dotDavid Gilbert 70th
    dotRosemary Palmer 75th
    dotMaurice Thurmott 80th
    dotDerrick Lee 90th
    I end with the usual plea - publish early and Christian names please.
    Sheila George

    A detailed list of all the quarter peals rung in 2010 is here, and a summary of the quarter peals rung is here.
    Details of the Association Quarter Peal Day can be found here.