2005 Association Training Conference
Association Training Day
29th October 2005
About 30 ringers gathered at Swaffham Prior Village Hall for the Ely DA Training day. This year’s theme was Conducting. Some people had called a few quarters and could put bobs in more or less reliably but needed help on putting right (or knowing what has gone wrong). Others were progressing from ringing Plain Bob or Grandsire competently, to continuing to do so while putting in the bobs and singles. A mopping-up session in the afternoon looked after those who missed the finer points of the morning sessions.

The morning sessions covered the basics of where exactly to place the calls, and why, in Plain Bob, Grandsire and Stedman, and the principles of using (or being) an observation bell.

In the afternoon we divided into three groups: the mopping-up session, a heavy coursing-orders-and-their-uses session, and practicals in Swaffham Prior and Swaffham Bulbeck towers. In Swaffham Prior we shadowed each other: one who wanted to call himself affected in the next touch put in silent bobs in the same place as the one who was calling herself unaffected.

Meanwhile, in the heavy-coursing-orders session, my wife was learning how bobs at Wrong, Middle and Home affect the coursing order, and practising transposition by shuffling a set of numbered cards.

Our thanks to Richard Pargeter for bringing it all together, to the incumbents for the use of their excellent bells, and to the many helpers and caterers drafted in. Some helped by explaining, some by ringing around us, some by saying something already understood by 90%, but which caused a small lamp to flicker on in one person's head (mine). And some helped by producing and clearing away the lunch, and ensuring that a glass of wine was available for those who needed it.

Report by Jon Reed