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Ringing Master’s Report 2018

In this new post as Ely DA Ringing Master, I run the regular Ely DA 10-bell practice at St. Neots on the 1st Friday of the month and organise the Ridgman Trophy band. I have also thought about other ringing activities which could be introduced such as a peal week and a 12-bell practice. There is a report on the latter below and the former could be an idea for 2019...

We entered the Ridgman Trophy in June, coming 2nd behind the hosts, the Hertford County Association. We put in a good performance but we unfortunately didn't successfully defend the trophy which we'd won a few times back to back. Let's see if we can get the trophy back next year! 

Regarding the St. Neots monthly 10 bell practices, during the summer, and apart from the June practice when the Ridgman Trophy band were present which boosted the numbers and standard, we were struggling to raise 10 ringers which was disappointing. Since the summer, we have acquired a nucleus of mainly Huntingdon district ringers and we've regularly been ringing up to Cambridge Royal. The standard of ringing has generally been good, particularly as I have been encouraging more of our St. Neots ringers to come along too. It would be nice to see people from other districts come along but I understand that some people don't want to travel far on a Friday night. It would be nice to welcome new people wanting to ring on 10 and to boost the repertoire in 2019. If people have any special requests for these practices, be it a new method or conducting, please do mention it! 

We had a very successful 12bell practice at Great St Mary’s in October, when there were over 30 people present. This was mainly down to Catriona Shearer who encouraged all the volunteers at the 12-bell contest in June to come along, and made sure there were plenty of strong ringers to lend support. We were mainly ringing rounds, call changes and plain hunt, but also managed some Grandsire and Stedman Cinques. I plan to organise 3 or 4 of these 12-bell practices in the year. 

My thanks go to Alan Winter who organised another successful handbell day in December. We are collaborating on what to do about next year. I would also like to thank Alan for making the regular trips to Soham and Wisbech to run the ringing there in my absence due to lack of transport. 
 Alban Forster