Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups

The Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers acknowledges its duty of care, under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, to ensure the protection from physical, sexual or emotional abuse, of children (under 18 years of age) and vulnerable adults attending events organised at Association and District level.

The Association has adopted a Safeguarding Policy and appointed a Safeguarding Officer to ensure where possible that it is compliant with relevant legalisation.

The Diocese of Ely has determined that each parish church in its jurisdiction should have its own safeguarding policy and be responsible for ensuring that those supervising and teaching bell ringing are certified through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

The necessity to have a DBS check is dependent on the type of activity and its frequency or intensity, so defined as a Regulated Activity (see Q3 in Questions and Answers). Although the Association does not generally organise any events which meet the definition of a Regulated Activity, there are some circumstances when ringers in a teaching or supervising role acting under the auspices of the Association will come into frequent contact with young people and/or vulnerable adults. In these cases a DBS check will be required of individuals to demonstrate the Association’s commitment to safeguarding by monitoring trainers and supervisors through the DBS system.

Copies of the following documents giving more detailed information can be found here:

  The Association’s Safeguarding Policy (November 2015)

  Questions and Answers about DBS Checks 

  Guidelines on Safeguarding for Tower Captains  

  Guidelines for Safeguarding at Ringing Meetings


  Guidelines for taking and using photographs on behalf of the Association

  Using the DBS Update Service

At the Special General Meeting of the Ely DA in October 2016, Phillip George, as Safeguarding Officer, gave a statement to members of the Ely DA regarding safeguarding in towers. The statement is available here.

For any further information please contact:

Phillip George – Association Safeguarding Officer

Other information

Diocese of Ely Child Protection Procedures Oct 2015

Child protection in Bell Towers (Central Council of Church Bell Ringers issue 8 July 2014) 

The Association safeguarding system was initially developed in 2009 by:
Phillip George, Paul Seaman and Dee Smith

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