Providing all ringers with the opportunity to develop their ringing performance skills.
The Stretham Ringing Education Centre is located at St James’ Church, Stretham, Ely, Cambs, CB7 3LD. We have a ring of 6 (9-2-21) and a simulator. A map is available here; the tower page on the Ely District website is here, and the church website is here

To make a booking: see the current calendar of bookings here to find a suitable time; use the contact form here to make a booking or send a message to Stretham REC.

For information please contact the Manager:
Barbara Le Gallez, Tel (01223) 860283
  113 Waterbeach Rd, Landbeach, Cambs CB25 9FA

Dates of open events at Stretham REC

These events are generally open to anyone who is interested. Click on the title of an event to see more details, note that booking may be necessary. To view all bookings at the Stretham REC, including open and restricted events, and send a booking request, see the Calendar.
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Stretham Ringing Education Centre - Manager appointed

The Stretham REC Committee is pleased to announce that, at the Committee meeting on Sat 5 Dec 2015, Barbara Le Gallez was appointed as Manager. Congratulations and best wishes to Barbara, who has been Acting Manager since the REC opened in July.

Stretham Ringing Education Centre - General details

This centre, set up and overseen by the EDA, is now open. Do you feel you could ring so much better if only you had a little more time to practise? Then the REC may be able to meet your needs. Anyone can practise here for as long as they like, using the latest simulator technology, with the help of our experienced and/or qualified instructors.

We are at St James’ church, StrethamWe have a ring of 6 (9-2-21) and a simulator, allowing you to practise on any number of bells. There is a meeting room where students can practise methods on the computer using Abel or view instructional DVDs. The REC is available at any time of the day or evening - other than when the building is in use by the church or by the local band.

The REC is available for use in a great variety of ways:
  • You can book an individual or group lesson with one of the REC’s approved teachers (many of whom are ITTS-qualified). This can cover any aspect of your learning to ring.
  • Advanced ringers may book the REC for individual or group practice without a teacher being required.
  • If you wish to bring your own learners and use the facilities of the REC to teach them, you are very welcome.
  • Tower captains can bring their whole bands for extra practice or a focus session.
  • Courses will be run at the REC - if you have a requirement for a particular course, please ask.
There is a small charge of £2 per ringer per session, to cover expenses, donations etc.

The safety and wellbeing of all our users is very important to us. Please read our safeguarding policy here

The REC is run by the Stretham REC committee. You can read our management rules here and see our agendas and minutes here.

Emerald polo shirts with the Stretham REC logo are available to order; see the Merchandise page for details.


Barbara Le Gallez,
Manager, wearing her Stretham REC polo shirt

Making a booking request

The REC is available every day from 9 am to 9 pm, except when in use by the church or the local band.

To make a booking: see the current calendar of bookings here to find a suitable time; use the contact form here to make a booking or send a message to Stretham REC.

Recent events

Official Opening by local historian Mike Petty, Saturday 15th August

  Local historian Mike Petty officially opened the Stretham Ringing Education Centre on Saturday 15th August. The occasion was celebrated with speeches, handbells and cake.
More photos here.

Stretham REC Doubles

On Saturday 1st August, what is believed to be the first quarter peal in the variation Stretham REC Doubles was rung at the Ringing Education Centre. Stretham REC Doubles is Reverse Bob Doubles with a plain lead of New Grandsire as the bob. The grid is here.

  Ely Diocesan Association
Stretham, Cambridgeshire St James (Ringing Education Centre)
Saturday, 1 August 2015 in 45m (9-2-21)
1260 Stretham REC Doubles

1 Alan Winter
2 Nicholas Small
3 Dee F Smith
4 Barbara Le Gallez
5 Lesley H M Boyle
6 Peter Binns

Jointly conducted: 2-6 called two extents each and 1 called the 60 at the end.
Phil Bailey could not ring but wishes to be associated with this quarter.
With thanks to Peter Hinton for method advice.
For a short sound clip, recorded by Alan Winter, click Play on the control. 

Stretham REC Open Day

Twenty-three ringers from all four districts were present at the Open Day at Stretham Ringing Education Centre on Sat 25th July 2015. They test-drove the new simulator, with methods rung ranging from rounds to Stedman Cinques. They tried out simulator programs and listening exercises sitting at a computer. They rang handbells. And they enjoyed a few ringing novelties – see below:

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Augmentation on the cheap – slung mugs

 Peter tests them out ->

and demonstrates (far right)