Ely DA 2019 Annual Report

Individual paper copies will be available, please request by 31st August 2020

The Ely DA Annual Report for 2019 (Handbook for 2020) is available as a pdf file to Ringing Members, Junior Members and Honorary Members of the Ely DA. The file is dated 21/05/2020, which corresponds to when the Annual General Meeting would have been held. Please request a file from the General Secretary, any District Secretary or the Report Editor (elyweb_at_elyda.org.uk).

Paper copies of the 2019 Ely DA Annual Report

At the meeting of the General Committee of the Ely DA in July, we agreed on a course of action for printing paper copies of this year’s Annual Report. A limited number of paper copies will be printed, comprising:

The copies will be printed during September.

The copies for towers and District Secretaries will be labelled and held until they can be distributed via the ‘usual channels’ - that is until we are able to meet in person again and pass the copies around.

The copies for individuals will also be labelled and held for distribution. In addition, on request, these copies can be posted. In this case we would ask for a donation of £1.50 to the Ely DA General Fund to cover postage and packing. 

So, if you would like your own paper copy of the 2019 Annual Report, please let the report editor know by 31st August (email Janet Garnett on elyweb_at_elyda.org.uk). In addition, if you would like it to be posted then please provide a postal address. You will be sent BACS details for a donation to cover postage and packing, or alternatively the address to which you can send a cheque. If you can collect your copy from Over, then a no-contact hand-over can be arranged.

Some people have already told the Report Editor that they would like an individual paper copy. For these people, no further action is required unless they would like to arrange for postage.

The pdf file version of the 2019 Annual Report remains freely available to all members. If you would like a copy of that please contact any District Secretary, the General Secretary or the Report Editor.