Recruitment and Training, 2009

Ely DA Training Conference 2009

Recruitment and Training

Bells and the Community:

Ringing the Changes for an English Tradition. How bell ringing can succeed in the 21st century

A training day led by Mark Regan, Saturday 31st October 2009

This interactive talk and workshop is based on the recent work of the team at Worcester Cathedral.

The workshop covers two key topics:

    1. Building partnerships with the Church, schools and the people who listen to us.

    2. Making teaching an interesting and relevant experience.

Mark will share the experiences of the Worcester team and support participants on how the thinking and recent experience at Worcester can be used by bell ringers everywhere.

“Bell ringers are highly skilled practitioners in a unique art. For ringing is a uniquely English form of music practised on the largest and loudest musical instruments. We are performers and not hobbyists. Bells are part of the Church’s musical output. We perform “soul music on heavy metal”. Bell ringing is special.”

This is what we do: let’s do it.