Virtual Handbell Day 12/12/20

Virtual Handbell Day - Saturday 12th December

Alan Winter writes:

It's time to start planning so DO PLEASE REPLY and DO TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES (beginners and improvers especially welcome; we also need experienced virtual ringers to run the sessions).

Please send a message to Alan ( to express interest. Please use the subject "Handbell Day 2020" and reply before November 30th if you can, but we can often find a few late spaces. To take part you need a computer and a reasonably fast web interface.

It would be helpful to know:

  1. do you have and use handbell controllers?

  2. are you set up (for example through Handbell Manager) to use Ringing Room?

Please let us know your level of confidence with handbell methods and with virtual ringing. Last year we were able to respond to these suggestions:

    • Beginner

    • Plain Bob Minor

    • Plain Bob Major

    • Treble bob/Court bob

    • Surprise

    • Higher numbers

    • Stedman's

    • Bristol Maximus

We aim to use and Zoom as the internet platforms. We will arrange preliminary sessions between now and December to encourage members to have a very first try at Virtual Ringing.

The programme suggested is:

    • 1-30 Internet platforms to open and welcome

    • 2-00 Beginners' introduction to virtual ringing (Alan Winter)

    • 2-30 First ringing session

    • 3-30 Virtual tower bell practices (Alban Forster, Association Ringing Master)

    • 4-00 Second ringing session

    • 5-00 Enthusiasm for virtual handbell ringing (Lesley Boyle)

As Alban will tell us, virtual ringing programmes work as well for single bells as for ringing a pair. If you would like the Association to arrange a starter session on virtual tower bell ringing please let us know.

Alban Forster, Lesly Boyle, Alan Winter.