Societies maintaining churches in the Diocese of Ely

The majority of the churches within the geographic area of the Diocese of Ely are owned and maintained by the Diocese itself. Some churches are owned, maintained or listed by another society. The societies, and lists of the relevant churches, are described here.

In the Diocese of Ely, twelve churches with bell installations are maintained by the Churches Conservation Trust (formerly known as The Redundant Churches Fund) with money provided by Parliament and the Church of England, and by the gifts of the public.

Although no longer used for regular worship the churches remain consecrated buildings.

Round tower churches are:

The Round Tower Churches Society exists to work for the preservation of these churches, and to investigate further their origins and history. In the Society's almost 40 years of existence it has made grants to more than 150 of the approximately 185 English round tower churches.

In the Diocese of Ely, there are four churches with bell installations which are listed by the Round Tower Churches Society:

Bartlow (C3u)

Snailwell (E2u)

Weeting (W2u)

West Dereham (W5u)

Since 1957 the Friends of Friendless Churches have campaigned for the preservation of ancient and beautiful but redundant churches. They now own over 40 former places of worship, half in England, half in Wales, which are preserved as peaceful spaces for visitors and the local community to enjoy.

In the Diocese of Ely, there is one church which is in the care of the Friends:

Wood Walton (H4u)