Conducting, 2005

2005 Ely DA Training Conference

The conference was held on Saturday 29th October 2005 at the Village Hall in Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire.


Last year's Ely DA Training Day aimed to provide support for local bands, by helping them to teach new recruits. Another essential skill, which is needed in every tower, is conducting. We are not all born conductors, with minds like computers, who can transpose coursing orders in our heads and keep everyone right all the way through a complicated peal of surprise. In fact, very few of us are! Nevertheless, with a few hints and guidelines, most ringers who can ring confidently inside to a touch can help keep people right, and learn how to call a touch.

One primary objective of this year's course will be to ensure that there is a conductor in every tower, and if we can start just a few on the road, that will be worthwhile. In addition to those who have never tried conducting, however, there are many 'bob callers' who have never dared call a quarter peal. Apart from anything else, quarters are an excellent training aid, and another objective of the course will be to enable 'basic' conductors to progress to calling quarters.

There may also be a call for people to learn more advanced conducting, and the precise syllabus for the day will be decided on the basis of demand. Parallel sessions will be organised as required. Nevertheless, I anticipate that the emphasis will be on basic 6 bell conducting, at a very basic level, and at a level that will enable those with some prior experience to have a go at calling quarter peals. Please indicate your needs when registering.

Every tower needs a conductor. On that basis, every practising tower in the Association should send someone - either with experience, to share ideas, or to take on the important task of conducting.

The following presentations were some of those given on the day (documents available to download below):

  • Plain Bob Doubles presentation by Andrew Downs

  • How to call Grandsire Doubles presentation by Richard Pargeter

  • How to call Stedman Doubles presentation by Richard Pargeter

  • Conducting - some personal thoughts. A presentation by Peter Hinton

  • Some Notes on Conducting. A presentation by Nicholas Small.

  • Coursing Orders presentation by Paul Seaman (download not available).

A report of the day by Jon Reed is also available to download.