Towers and Bells

All information about the condition of the bells and towers is based on an expert opinion, but is subject to change and may be out of date.

Map and lists of bell towers in the Diocese of Ely

August 2023: The Huntingdon District website is temporarily unavailable, and links to it do not work. For details of towers in the Huntingdon District, see Huntingdon District information.

Interactive map

An interactive map showing the locations of towers in the Diocese is here. Initially, all ringable towers are shown on the map, including those with and without regular ringing. Map controls are available to include unringable towers, or to exclude towers with no regular ringing. A short description of each tower is provided, with a link to the tower page on the relevant district website.

Alphabetic lists of bell towers in the Diocese of Ely

Alphabetic lists of towers are on three pages: A to H, I to R and S to Y

District lists

Each district of the Ely DA has a map and list of its own towers with their practice nights:

Lists of bell towers for each number of bells

Lists of bell towers sorted by the number of bells are on four pages:

Churches maintained, listed or owned by other societies

The majority of the churches within the geographic area of the Diocese of Ely are owned and maintained by the Diocese itself. Some churches are owned, maintained or listed by another society: 

More details of these societies, and lists of the relevant churches, are here.

Bell Maintenance

Some information on the maintenance of bell installations, and guidance for good practice, is available here.