Using the DBS Update Service

Reviewed May 2024

Using the DBS Update Service to Register your DBS Certificate

When a person starts working with children in an organisation or in the case of the Diocese of Ely, a parish, a DBS certificate must be applied for. The certificate contains disclosure information about an individual’s criminal record at the time it is issued. The Ely Diocese requires renewal of DBS certificates every five years.

If this is a person's first application, a DBS certificate will be issued. Historically DBS certificates were not transferable from one organisation to another. The introduction of the government run DBS Update Service enables you to register your new DBS certificate which will be permanently kept up to date and which you can take with you from role to role. If a person does not subscribe to the DBS Update Service, every setting in which a person works with children will require a new DBS application..

By registering the certificate, the disclosure information can be checked online (only with your permission) by the Ely Diocese or other organisation and no further application is required.

Please note that the Ely Diocese does require other checks to be made about an individual and some documentation will need to be completed or inspected. This will include a Confidential Declaration form in which the person is asked questions relating to his/her criminal record and to declare that he/she has not committed any offences against children / vulnerable adults. It will also be necessary for individuals to provide contact details of two people who could give character references. This is part of due diligence which helps ensure that people appointed to work with children not only have clear criminal records but are of suitable character.

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