Bell Maintenance and Repair Sub-committee

The Bell Maintenance and Repair sub-committee is established by Regulation 5c of the Ely DA Rules and Regulations.  It is responsible to the General Committee and its purpose is to promote the maintenance of church bells and bell installations within the Diocese of Ely by:

i) Large Projects – To advise the Bell Fund Trustees, and other bodies, on the technical issues associated with projects submitted for funding and ensure the work has been carried out satisfactorily before release of funds.

ii) EDA Towers with active bands – Identify, train and encourage steeple keepers.

iii) Towers used by the EDA with no active band – inspect and maintain.

iv) Inactive towers – Periodic inspection and preservation

The sub-committee provides recommendations to the General Committee, District Committees and the Bell Restoration Fund Trustees. It will speak on behalf of the Association to Parochial Church Councils, the Diocesan Advisory Committee and commercial firms on matters concerned with bell repair.

The sub-committee consists of the Association Bell Adviser (as chair), each District Bell Adviser and a representative of Huntingdonshire Bell Restoration Society. The Sub-committee may co-opt any Ringing Member of the Association on a temporary basis in order to carry out its work.

For 2023 the members of the sub-committee are: