Safeguarding Training

Reviewed May 2024

Bellringing is almost always a safe and enjoyable activity for everyone involved. However there is unfortunately always a remote possibility that some in the ringing community could be abused by others. Ringers, and the Church, have a moral and legal obligation to work to prevent abuse from occurring, to seek to protect those that are at risk of being abused and respond well to anyone who has been abused.

The Church continuously reviews its approach to safeguarding vulnerable people. One aspect of this is the provision of training which was significantly overhauled in 2020 into a set of ‘Core safeguarding learning pathways’ made up of ‘Basic Awareness’, ‘Foundation’ and ‘Leadership’ modules. The first two modules are entirely on-line; the Leadership module involves two one-and-a-half hour group sessions over Zoom or face-to-face and some preparation work. The modules should be completed in consecutive order. All modules should be repeated every three years.

Safeguarding arrangements in individual churches are the responsibility of the Incumbent, the PCC and the church’s safeguarding officer. Tower captains (and others involved in organising or teaching ringing) should make contact with their church’s safeguarding officer to discuss what level of training is appropriate in their particular circumstances. It is the Diocese’s view that tower captains and anyone else significantly involved in the organisation or teaching of ringing should complete the ‘Basic Awareness’ and ‘Foundation’ modules. In churches with very large bands or significant numbers of vulnerable people it might be appropriate for them to also complete the ‘Leadership’ module.

For most District and Association events the safeguarding arrangements of the churches in which they take place will apply. For events where this is not the case the Association’s Safeguarding Policies apply.

The Association’s Safeguarding Officer, Shirley Warbrick ( is happy to advise on individual circumstances if that would be helpful.