The Bells of St Clements, Cambridge

Here is a newsletter from Melissa, the St Clement's Fundraiser:

An exciting project is underway to install an easy-going ring of 6 bells in St Clement's, Cambridge. The intention is that St Clement's will host a teaching centre that can act as a feeder to other towers and provide a boost to ringing across the association. As well as recruiting and training new ringers, we aim to provide a place where anyone who is finding it hard work making progress can come for extra help and practice. We'll also aim to help ringers to develop their teaching skills and speed up the development of their bands wherever they ring.

St Clement's has recently undergone repairs and been provided with new facilities, including toilets, making it sustainable for the future and ideal for our purpose. We have the support of the PCC which has applied for a faculty for the bells and necessary improvements to the tower to provide a suitable first floor ringing chamber with easy access. The project can go ahead once we have the faculty and have raised the necessary money.

Our target is to raise £250,000, some from grants but mainly from members of the EDA, CUG and the Society of Cambridge Youths. This should be enough to pay for the bells, the building work, teaching aids and running costs for the first year, including the salary of a part-time manager. We are hoping that EDA members will wish to contribute to a project that will be an invaluable resource for the area. Donations of all sizes are welcome. If you are interested, please get in touch at or visit our website