Association Striking Competition Rules

Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers Eight Bell Striking Competition Rules

1. Each District of the Ely Diocesan Association shall be entitled to enter one team.

2. The team for each District shall consist of resident Ringing Members of the Association, who ring regularly at a tower in the District.

3. No-one may ring for more than one team.

4. The Districts shall take turns to organise the competition in regular rotation. Each year the host District shall select the venue.

5. There shall be two judges who shall not be resident members of the Association. The host District shall appoint the judges.

6. The teams shall draw lots for order of performance.

7. The test piece shall be as near as possible but no less than 224 half-pull changes on eight bells, or on seven bells with a tenor cover. Each team shall make its own choice of a touch for the test piece.

8. The first 224 changes of the test piece shall be judged.

9. Each team shall be allowed five minutes practice immediately before ringing its test piece.

10. The decision of the judges shall be final.

11. The E. H. Mastin Trophy shall be awarded to the winners to be retained until the next competition.