Striking Competitions

Association Striking Competition

Results of recent Association Eight Bell Inter-district Striking Competitions, with reports, are here. Rules of the competition are here.

Ridgman Trophy Ten Bell Striking Competition

There is a separate website for the Ridgman Trophy here. Some reports specific to the Ely DA are available here

The Ringing World National Youth Contest (RWNYC)

The Ringing World National Youth Contest (RWNYC) for the Whitechapel Trophy is held annually, on a Saturday in June or July. The website for the contest is here. The Ely DA has entered a band in several years, latterly under the name of Fen Tigers. Overview is here; brief reports for the years 2014 - 2019 are here.

District Striking Competitions

For District striking competition reports and rules, see the websites for the individual districts:

Cambridge Ely Huntingdon Wisbech