The insurance covers all ringing members whilst on Association Business and also any person under instruction prior to acceptance for membership, though benefits are greatly reduced for those over 70. Any claims arising through ringing activities should be processed through the General Secretary.

Cover includes death, disablement and loss of a limb or of sight, hearing or speech. Compensation for total disablement is £10,000 and for temporary disablement is £100 per week, after the first week and for a maximum of 104 weeks. Cover for those over 70 is one tenth of this.

Cover is whilst ringing, instructing, maintaining, inspecting or carrying out any work on the tower, bells, fittings and framework, excluding major restoration work, within the United Kingdom, including direct travel to or from these activities.

The policy cover does not include third party damage. Public Liability insurance is provided by a separate policy.

Full details, terms and conditions of this policy are available from the General Secretary.