Running a Successful Tower, 2015

How to run a successful tower - seminar report

The Ely DA seminar 'How to Run a Successful Tower' was held at Swaffham Bulbeck on 30th May 2015.

This is a personal perspective by participant Bob Cox, Walsoken, Wisbech

Successful towers are needed for bell ringing to have a sustainable future. We need to consider “what does ‘Successful’ mean?” for a tower. ‘Successful’ means different things to different people in differing situations which is a serious hurdle to overcome. Ringing institutions such as ITTS, ART, CCCBR and The Ringing World all try to embrace this issue by regularising their approaches towards their standards which many people baulk at for a variety of reasons. The rationale I use in this brief report will, of course, be my own as taken from my understanding of our group discussions kindly led by Mark Regan. Mark is the ringing master at Worcester Cathedral and the DAC advisor for Worcester. I would also like to thank Phil Bailey, Lesley Boyle and their support teams for providing a well run training event. Read the full report here.