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February 2021

Much has been spoken and written about Captain Sir Tom Moore, affectionately known to us all as “Captain Tom”, the old soldier that everyone wanted to be their grandfather. His compassion and thought for others were exceptional and an example to us all. Even when 100 years young, he raised millions of pounds for our beleaguered NHS, working so conscientiously and beyond the call of duty, to care for those seriously ill with covid-19. Captain Tom died, as he had lived, like the old soldier he was, fighting an enemy, this time a deadly but invisible enemy. It’s pleasing to think, that however “old” we think we are, we can still make a difference and achieve something special, if not spectacular. Had things been different, no doubt many of us would have been ringing something special, in our local towers, to his memory. However, many on-line performances have been done for this purpose; I myself was very honoured to take part in several of these.

Captain Tom’s footsteps will continue with us, in spirit if not in body, through the dark days to come, keeping us steadily moving to the light at the end of the tunnel, because it’s there and we’ll get to it. It is comforting to be aware. And, indeed, it is a source of comfort to some of us, that other footsteps are also beside us through the coming days. They’re there and they don’t leave us, ever. They will be with us until the bad times go and indeed afterwards, too. In the words of that beautiful song by Daniel O’Donnell:

Footsteps walking with me,

Footsteps I cannot see.

But every move I make,

And every step I take,

I know they're there with me.

They walk with me all the way,

Beside me day by day;

Through good and bad,

Through happy and sad,

Those footsteps won't go away.

Through good and bad

Through happy and sad

By my side they will stay.

So, let’s soldier on to the very end, like Captain Tom, and remembering in the song he made famous, the final line:

“You’ll never walk alone”.