Association Officers and other Representatives

Association Officers

Email addresses on this page are modified to protect against automatic scanning. To send an email to an Association Officer, replace _at_ with @. Officer reports for each year, printed in the Annual Report, are available here.

Many of these officers are members of the General Committee of of one or more of its sub-committees.

General Committee

The General Committee is made up of various of the officers. It's role is to administer and guide the Association.


The General Committee is assisted in it's work by a number of sub-committees.

Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Representatives

The Ely DA sends four representatives to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. These representatives are officers of the Association. One of these representatives sits on the General Committee.

Bell Restoration Fund trustees

The Bell Restoration Fund of the Ely DA is a separate organisation with its own trustees

Independent Examiner

The Independent Examiner is elected by the AGM to examine the Association's accounts annually and report to the AGM. The Independent Examiner may not hold office on the General Committee nor be a trustee of the Bell Restoration Fund.

Independent Examiner:  Bruce Mew. Telephone: 0 1480 467156. Email

Honorary members

Any ringing member or other person who has given exceptional service and furthered the objectives of the Association may be elected to the office of Honorary Member (see Rules of the Ely DA, rule 3d).

The Honorary Members of the Ely DA are: Barry C Bass, George E Bonham, Catherina E Griffiths, Roger J Palmer and Thomas W Ridgman.

Past Officers of the Association

Details of the past General Secretaries, Peal Secretaries and Treasurers.