Method learning, 2008

Ely DA Training Conference, 30th March 2008

The training day was held on Saturday 30th March 2008 at the St James Parish Centre, Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire.

Description of the course, as provided for potential attendees:

Are you one of those people who can glance at a blue line, and then ring a touch in a new method faultlessly? If so, I need you to come along and tell the rest of us how you do it! If not (and even if no such prodigies are forthcoming), then I hope that help from those of us who still have to work at learning methods, but have picked up a few good techniques along the way can help you.

There are lots of different ways of learning a method, depending both on the method and the ringer. The aim of the day will be to present a wide range of options, so that you can discover what’s best for you. Even if you’re a seasoned method learner, there may still be something new and useful in these ideas.

I would also encourage tower captains and other teachers to attend – the wider the range of techniques we have to offer to our learners, the better. Come and share your best ideas, and pick up some ideas from others. There will be plenty of time for discussion.

The teaching will be centred around a lesser known method, and there will be an opportunity in the afternoon to try out some of the techniques you have learned.

Much of the information in the course will also be found in the CCCBR booklet “Learning Methods” and this will be referred to on the day. If you would like a copy (at cost), please indicate this on the registration form.


The following presentations were some of those given on the day (documents available to download below)

    • Overview - Richard Pargeter

    • The Blue Line - Peter Hinton

    • Method Structure - Peter Hinton

    • Landmarks - Richard Pargeter

Hereward Bob Minor and Major (documents available to download below)

    • Hereward Bob Minor

    • Hereward Bob Minor - The Blue Line explanation

    • Touches of Hereward Bob Minor

    • Hereward Bob Major

    • Touches of Hereward Bob Major

A report of the day's conference by Lyn Clackson is also available below.