Guidelines for the Taking and Use of Photographs on behalf of the Association and the Use of Social Media

Reviewed May 2024


Many of us like to record our ringing by taking individual or group photographs. Sometimes we might photograph a ringer receiving an award or certificate, ringing a bell, or at a social event. It is important to make people aware that photographs might be used and published in any of the media owned or used by the Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers. This can include the Association Website, District Websites, and Association Annual Report. It also applies to local or national media such as TV or newspapers, your own tower or church website, or social media such as Facebook.

Here are some suggestions how to make sure everyone knows what is being recorded.

Photographs might be taken during this event for publication on the Association/District/Church website.

A general note should also be included on each District website to this effect.

Social Media

Some of the Districts use Facebook to communicate ringing and social activities to members. These are closed groups. The moderators of these groups should ensure that all posts are relevant to the purpose of the group and should not allow inappropriate language or innuendo which could be seen by younger members of the group, or lead to potentially inappropriate relationships being developed through that media.

Membership should be vetted to ensure that applicants have legitimate reason to become members.


If you are called to account for your communications with children or other vulnerable people, you will need to show that you have maintained the highest standards of care.

Do not use email to carry on private conversations with under 18s, and when communicating with them about ringing events always copy in their parents/guardians. (Remember to get these details when you gather email information about young ringers)

Further information can be found at Diocese of Ely Guidelines