The Stretham Tower Enhancement Project (STEP)

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The Stretham Tower Enhancement Project aims to keep the tradition of bell ringing alive in Stretham

Installation of a glass screen for the ringing room.

The installation of a full-height glass screen across the top of the ringing room balcony in St James’ Stretham will transform the experience of ringing there from freezing endurance to one of pleasant light comfort! It will also create a useful sound-controlled meeting room for the church. Carefully designed to be in keeping with the fine 14th century arch, the glass screen will ensure that no light is lost from the main body of the church.

Bell maintenance and installation of two ‘Training Bells’

The six bells of St James’ Stretham have been ringing out across the village since the 18th century and they now require significant maintenance. Completing this will ensure the tradition of the bells being rung for church services, plus local and national events, is sustained for centuries to come.

Locally St James’ Stretham has become well known as a Ringing Education Centre with students travelling from far and wide. The installation of two new Training Bells (these are easy to ring model bells which make their noise via a computer) will provide a tremendous aid to safe and enjoyable teaching, especially of children. The learning process is accelerated by their use and they will benefit not only teachers and learners across the region but also the vibrant band of Stretham ringers.

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