Towards Better Practice Nights, 2003

2003 Association Training Conference


    • Where: Hemingford Grey Parish Rooms

    • When: Saturday 18 October 2003

    • Time: 10:00 - 16.00


Whereas "Training Days" are inevitably targeted at small groups of ringers, by virtue of their existing skills and requirements, this event is for EVERYBODY. Practice nights are central to the well being of ringing. We all contribute to them, just by being there, and we can all help to improve them. It's not just the Tower Captains who know, or need to know, what's required. Indeed, if your TC won't listen to your good ideas, or your moans, this is your big chance to be heard!

Of course, many Tower Captains do have good ideas, and do run good practices - but who, outside those practices, comes to hear about those good ideas? Tower Captains are often just too busy to go round other practices and pick up / share ideas. This is an opportunity for busy TCs to share and learn from lots of others in one fell swoop.

The other difference between this and most "Training Days" is that the emphasis is on sharing rather than teaching. The presentations will indeed be by people with experience and a good track record in the area they are talking about, but the intention is to generate discussion, and to give you the opportunity to put forward and share your ideas. For a talking shop to be productive, some structure is needed, and this will be provided by the Chairman, Cambridge District President, Tom Ridgman, and the presentations.

For it to work, though, we need YOU, ideally to contribute, but don't worry - no-one will be forced to speak. I'm sure you will learn something of value to your practice night, even if you don't open your mouth.

I would like to see at least ONE PERSON FROM EVERY PRACTISING TOWER.


Presentations available to download, use links below:

    • Life on the Receiving End - A student's Perspective Kim Whittlestone

    • Of Gods & Rabbits - Mixed Ability Practices George Bonham

    • Time for a good start Caroline Stevens

    • Teaching by Numbers - Short term fix, or sound foundations? Tim Griffiths

    • Getting the message across Richard Pargeter

Additional presentations, with no notes available:

    • The Art of Standing Behind Peter Hinton

    • Simulators - Toys or essential? Patrick Brooke

A report on the conference is also available below.