Peal Secretary 2009

Peal Secretary's Report 2009

The Association rang 116 peals during the year, this represents a 13% drop from 2008, when 134 were recorded. The breakdown of peals shows 105 on Church bells, 8 on mini-rings and 3 in hand.

With Meldreth as the highest number of peals rung, 46, it is not surprising to see that John Gipson was the leading peal ringer with 42 and Derek Sibson the leading conductor with 22. Sue Marsden was second highest peal ringer with 40 and Jane Hough third with 38. John Gipson also celebrated the 70th anniversary of his first peal (also rung at Meldreth; Grandsire Doubles on 9 March 1939)

Despite the lower number of peals rung, there were some significant footnotes, especially the 900th anniversary of the Ely Diocese and the 800th anniversary of the foundation of Cambridge University. Peals were rung to celebrate the lives of some dear friends lost to the Association, most notably, Tim Griffiths and Jean Sanderson, both of whom served our Association with distinction.

In August, Peter Waterfield rang his 1000th peal (Bristol S Major) at Downham Market and joins a very select group of Association ringers to reach this personal landmark. Peter also featured with Jeremy and Cherril Spiller in the only handbell peals rung during the year (3) which included multi minor of 196m and 280m.

The strength of an Association, is often reflected in the number of first pealers, and this year we welcomed to the ranks Catt Smith, Stewart Waterston, Jenny Pell, Adam Safford, Jack Allen and Felicity Webster.

It is also pleasing to note that the art of composition is still alive and well. At the end of the list of peals is a musical composition of PB Major by Phil George and rung at Eaton Socon.

In order to promote peal ringing in the Association, I am proposing to organise peals for any inexperienced ringers who wish to have an opportunity to attempt a peal. Please contact me in the first instance.

Best wishes and good luck in your peal ringing exploits during the next year.

Paul Seaman

First methods rung during the year:

  • Vacaville Surprise Major

  • Woodville Surprise Major

  • Xeniaville Surprise Major

  • Yorkville Surprise Major

  • Zionville Surprise Major

These were all rung at Meldreth and conducted by Derek Sibson.

Personal milestones:

  • 1000th peal: Peter J Waterfield

  • 600th tower bell: peal Susan E Marsden

  • 400th peal: Michael G Purday

  • 400th as conductor: Peter J Waterfield

  • 300th for Assoc: D Graham Hall

  • 250th peal: Philip D Bailey

  • 200th peal: Edith M Robinson

  • 100th as conductor: Michael G Purday

  • 50th pea:l Dee F Smith and Richard C Smith

  • 25th as conductor: Philip D Bailey