Peal Secretary 2010

Peal Secretary's Report 2010

During 2010, the Association rang 111 peals, this represents a small decrease in numbers from 2009 (116). With the exception of 3 peals on handbells and 3 on micro bells, the rest were all tower bell peals. Meldreth recorded 48 peals for the Association and represent nearly half of the total.

Once again, with Meldreth as the highest tower, John Gipson was the leading peal ringer with 43, Sue Marsden close behind (40) and then Jane Hough (37). This is exactly the same order as last year! At 87 years of age, John Gipson continues to provide us with an excellent role model of consistency and dedication to the exercise. John’s 2100th peal for the Association was rung on the 24th March at Meldreth.

To maintain the traditions set, Derek Sibson was again the leading conductor with 26. Mike Purday (19) and Richard Castledine (17) took silver and bronze respectively.

The footnotes indicate some remarkable statistics. Amongst the personal milestones, Geoff Pearson rang his 1000th peal on the bells at Meldreth (leaving many to ponder how many were on the 4th!). Peter Waterfield rang his 1000th tower bell peal and Derek Sibson his 1000th for the Association. As one of the Country’s most prolific peal ringing venues, it was not surprising to see Meldreth notch the 2000th peal on the bells (John has been in almost 80% of those).

It is comforting to see the continuity of the various bands pursuing peal ringing with such assuredness. Equally, it is pleasing to see new names within the columns. We welcome June Mackay and Jenny Goodwin as resident first pealers and Calvin Chai and Mark Lloyd, both awaiting ratification as NRLMs, who also rang their first peal. Mark, in particular not only rang his first peal but also his first as conductor on the same day!

At the beginning of the peals, we record 6 peals conducted by Richard Castledine and an amendment to a peal rung at Great Shelford, all in 2009, which were omitted from the 2009 report due to a technical oversight. We apologise to the ringers involved in these omissions.

Personal milestones:

  • First peal as conductor: Mark Lloyd

  • 100th peal for the Association: Adrian Peacock

  • 400th peal: Jane Hough and Marion Robinson

  • 400th peal for Association: Graham Hall

  • 1000th peal on tower bells: Peter Waterfield

  • 1000th peal for the Association: Derek Sibson

  • 1000th peal on the bells at Meldreth: Geoff Pearson

Best wishes for your peal ringing during 2011.

Paul Seaman