Peal Secretary 2012

Peal Secretary’s Report for 2012

The Association recorded 127 peals for the year. This is another slight increase on the previous years; 111 in 2010 and 118 in 2011. It demonstrates the continuing strength of the Association. Peals, no matter what one may personally think of them, give the Association some credibility and kudos, allowing individuals to push their own ambitions.

This year, 96 peals were rung on tower bells and 29 on handbells. This is an increase on both forms from last year (94 and 22 respectively). The other two were on mini rings.

For the last consecutive 9 years, John Gipson had appeared as the Association’s leading peal ringer, however, this year Mike Purday heads the list with 68, Sue Marsden was second with 40 and then Alan Winter and Paul Seaman, both with 35. Mike also took over as the leading conductor with 44 peals, Derek Sibson was second (16) and Peter Waterfield third (13).

Meldreth is still the most prolific venue for peals with 29 and Mawson Road recorded 18 peals.

The rise of peal numbers was undoubtedly due in part to the numerous special occasions which ringers could celebrate, especially the Diamond Jubilee which appears to have inspired ringers to be involved, some of whom had not rung a peal for several years. Derek Latchford rang for HM Queen Elizabeth’s accession and was delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate the 60th anniversary as well. No fewer than 15 peals were dedicated to the Jubilee.

Godmanchester’s 800th anniversary of gaining Charter status was celebrated with 2 peals, one of 5800 Godmanchester S Major and a new method, Charter D Major, which coincidentally was Sue Marsden’s 800th peal and at the tower in which she learned to ring. The centenary of the first peal at Longstanton was marked with a peal of Longstanton D Major and conducted by Alan Barber.

Further afield, a peal at Shincliffe, Co Durham, was rung entirely by ringers who learned to ring within the Ely DA conducted by Alan Barber, and even further afield (abroad to be more accurate), six peals were rung in the USA as part of Alan Winter’s tour.

The heaviest 6 in the world (St Buryan) were rung to a peal of 7 Surprise Minor; as a warm up to that event, the first peal on the back six at OLEM in Cambridge, also 7 Surprise Minor, was rung.

The first peal on the augmented six at Great Wilbraham, which was also Phil Gorman’s first as a conductor, was rung at the end of the year. Hopefully, we will see some local ringers taking part in future peals on their own bells. The first peal on the bells at Broughton was also recorded (5 Minimus methods).

Peals were also rung to mark the Wedding Anniversaries of Sheila and Phillip George (Ruby) and Roger and Rosemary Palmer (Golden). Other events which merited commemoration were the Centenary of Scott’s fated expedition to the Antarctic in January and the sinking of RMS Titanic in April. The Olympic Flame’s visit through Cambridge was also noted.

We welcome Peter Binns, the Association’s Public Relations Officer, to the ranks of the first pealers along with Amanda Hardy and Andrew Smith. Will Scheilling rang his first handbell peal. Congratulations to these ringers and all those who took part.

Methods rung for the first time:

  • Cockup Bridge TP Major: -3-4-5-36-4-1-2567-7 lh B. First rung at Burwell and conducted by Alan Barber

  • Charter D Major: -3-456-256-18-4-23-456-78 lh B. First rung at Godmanchester and conducted by Alan Barber

Personal milestones:

  • First peal: Peter L Binns, Amanda Hardy and Andrew B Smith

  • First as conductor: Philip S Gorman

  • First handbell peal: William R Scheilling

  • 50th peal: Helen C Atkins

  • 50th for Association: Richard C Smith

  • 50th handbell peal: David Kemp (NRLM)

  • 100th for the Association: Christine C L Seaman

  • 100th peal: Richard C Smith and Samantha L Gorman

  • 200th peal as conductor: Patrick L H Brooke, Paul S Seaman and Michael G Purday.

  • 250th peal: Edith M Robinson

  • 300th peal: Phillip S George

  • 500th for Association: Susan E Marsden

  • 500th peal: Jane K A Hough

  • 600th peal: Michael G Purday

  • 650th peal: D Graham Hall

  • 750th peal: Susan E Marsden

  • 800th peal: Susan E Marsden

Paul Seaman