Peal Secretary 2013

Peal Secretary's Report for 2013

The Association recorded 101 peals for the year. This is a significant decrease on the previous year (127 in 2012) and is the lowest for over a decade. The number of ringers who took part in the peals is comparable to previous years which suggests that the Association continues to actively engage in ringing peals and that the number of attempts have been reduced. Certainly the number of peals rung at the Association’s leading tower, Meldreth, is lower than in previous years and the number of handbell peals are also reduced.

Of those 101 peals; 83 were on tower bells, 17 handbells and one at the Willingham Campanile.

The most prolific peal ringers from last year appear again, Mike Purday leads the way with 32 (this is less than half of the previous year), Jane Hough (30) and Alan Winter (27). The two main conductors were Mike Purday (24) and Derek Sibson (20). The two venues recording double figures for the year are Meldreth, 27 and Mawson Road in Cambridge where 13 handbell peals were rung.

To demonstrate the eclectic nature of ringers, the occasions which warranted dedications to their peals varied considerably from welcoming a new violin called ‘Ruth’, numerous birthday compliments, wedding anniversaries, carnivals, weddings, dedication of a new gallery, retirements, opening of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, Patronal Festivals and ‘get well wishes’. The year also contained more formal commemorations for HM Queen Elizabeth’s 60th anniversary of her Coronation and the birth of her great grandson, Prince George. Nelson Mandela was also given tribute. Other peals were dedicated to the memories of our Resident members who had died during this year: Chris Beesley, Geoff Pearson, Gillian Bland, Rosemary Palmer and Colin Johnson. Memorials were also made to John McCutcheon, Roger Bailey and Richard Crosland.

The first peal on the 4 bells at Brington was recorded, (4 minimus).

It was also pleasing to note that the former resident members who rang a peal together last year, met again at Darlington to remember Rosemary Palmer and Colin Johnson.

The heaviest eight in the world, the 46 cwt ring at Sherborne Abbey, were rung to a peal Stedman Triples.

One of our members recorded their first peal as a conductor and congratulations go to Barbara Le Gallez for calling Guernsey S Major at Fen Ditton.

The Association also records an increase in the number of first pealers and we welcome James E Hayden, Becky Zarate, Ian Baxter, Julia Mitchell and James Bench-Capon.

Peals were also rung for John Gipson’s 90th birthday in August and on Boxing Day to mark the 60th Wedding Anniversary for John and Joan. John has rung an astonishing 2190 peals for the Association.

A composition by Phillip George of Plain Bob Major (first called at Hemingford Grey on 23rd Feb 2013) is available here.

Method rung for the first time:

Cambridge Little D Major: b-38-14-1256-18.34-34.56 le 12. First rung at Meldreth and conducted by Derek Sibson

Personal milestones:

  • First peal: James E Hayden, Becky Zarate, Ian Baxter, Julia Mitchell and James Bench-Capon.

  • First as conductor: Barbara Le Gallez

  • 50th peal as conductor: Phillip S George

  • 50th for Association: Dee Smith

  • 100th handbell peal as a conductor: Michael G Purday

  • 100th peal: Janet C Garnett

  • 150th peal for the Association: Andrew D Downs

  • 150th peal: Christine C L Seaman

  • 200th peal in hand: Michael G Purday.

  • 300th peal: J Richard Hough

  • 400th peal for the Association: Michael G Purday

Paul Seaman