Ringing Recovery 2021

Here are all the documents and resources for Ringing Recovery 2021

Ely DA Roadmap to Ringing Recovery - version 3

Roadmap of 4 stages with, for each stage: the proposed date, what changes, action points and where to get advice and support.

Version 3, issued 11/05/2021, is here.

ART CCCBR Recovery Convention May 8th - 14th

ART and the CCCBR are hosting a series of online presentations focussed on ringing recovery starting on Saturday 8 May. To register for one or more of the online events go to: http://ringingteachers.org/news/articles/book-your-place-recovery-convention.

List of presentations is here.

CCCBR Guidance for 17th May - 21st June in England

21st April 2021 - Draft guidance is published for the period from 17 May to 21 June to enable ringers in England at least to plan for the next phase of lockdown release. This guidance has been agreed with the House of Bishops Recovery Group, but it remains in draft form until the Government finally confirms that its four tests have been met immediately prior to 17 May. The guidance is a major step change from previous guidance.

CCCBR Guidance from 17th May in England is here

Informing local residents

A poster to inform local residents that you are restarting regular ringing is available to download here. The poster is supplied as a docx file so you can edit it for specific ringing times.

ART CCCBR Survival and Recovery Newsletter

Issue 5, issued 22nd April 2021, is here.