Stretham REC

The Ely DA’s Bell Ringing Training School

Providing all ringers with the opportunity to develop their ringing performance skills

Now an ART Hub and a CC Recognised Ringing Centre.

REC poster for 2018 here

What do YOU want to achieve in your bell ringing?

The REC is dedicated to helping you get there.

What skills do YOU need?

Our job is to enable you to acquire and improve those skills.

Do you want to:

  • Get more rope time?

You can book our simulator for virtually unlimited individual practice, enabling you to practise a new method, improve your striking, learn to ring on higher numbers, …

  • Develop your skills?

You can ask our experienced teachers to create a learning plan for you, perhaps enrolling you in the Association of Ringing Teachers’ Learning the Ropes scheme.

  • Overcome a handling fault?

You can book as many sessions as you like with an experienced bell handling instructor.

  • Improve listening or ropesight?

You can use our computers to try out one of several packages available.

  • Brush up your theory?

Are there theoretical points that have always puzzled you? We have the time to go through them with you.

  • Visit a belfry?

You can take a guided tour of the tower (access via a spiral staircase), examine the bells close up and safely watch a bell as it turns through 360˚ right next to you!

  • Attend a course?

You can request a course on almost any bell ringing topic and we will do our best to arrange it – or find out who can. Or a course that is already offered at the REC may suit you.

  • Use a bell ringing computer program?

You can sit at one of our computers and use Abel, Beltower or VirtualBelfry.

  • Ring a quarter peal on the simulator?

You are welcome to bring your band. We have a simulator on all 6 bells.

  • Introduce non-ringers to bell ringing?

You can bring a group of work colleagues or friends for a tour of the bells and an introduction to change ringing.

  • Bring your own learners?

You are welcome to use the REC to teach people from your own tower at any level.

St James, Stretham.

The Stretham REC is at St James’ Church, Stretham, Ely, Cambs, CB6 3LD.

Ely District tower page.

Church website.

Ringing at Stretham

We have a ring of 6 (tenor weight 9-2-21) and a simulator.

For information please contact the Administrator: Louise Dobson, or use the contact form

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Angel bell-ringers at St James. Two of the angels in the South transept window.

KODAK Digital Still Camera