Communications Sub-committee

The Temporary Communications Subcommittee was established by the General Committee in November 2022 to review the Association's communications and web pages, consult widely about possible changes looking at both the advantages and disadvantages, and to present formal proposals to the General Committee how they could be improved.

The first meeting of the subcommittee was in August 2023 and it has yet to report.

The subcommittee's membership is:

Extract from the minuites of the General Committee meeting in November 2022:

Communications – web page 

There have been problems with Ely District mailing list and these are now in hand. The opinion was expressed that the current websites for the Association (one for Ely DA , and one for each district) are not as effective as they could be; they may need updating / re-designing. The Ely DA website was originally designed in the late 1990’s and re-designed in 2013. 

Daniel Stevens suggested a team of 5 webmasters (one from each district, albeit one webmaster currently oversees the websites of two districts, and the EDA webmaster) could work together so that the EDA communications are effective and cohesive. 

Points were made about those who are not on line, should receive communication from Tower captains. 

Questions were asked: Would officers’ emails change with a new website? Would other new Social media platforms than just Facebook be included? 

Discussion of time scale ensued. It is very important that whatever is produced is as good and effective as it can be. Formal proposal needs to be made and approved, this needs proper consultation, looking at both pros and cons, ready for next GC meeting in July. 

ACTION: Daniel Stevens was invited to produce a baseline proposal (as outlined above) in time for an informed discussion at the July GC Meeting