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Welcome to the main website for the Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers

Bell ringing is a team activity that stimulates the brain and helps keep you fit ... it also makes a glorious sound!

This website is primarily intended to keep local ringers informed of news and ringing events. We hope other ringers will find the details of towers, practice nights and the ringing calendar useful.

The association is composed of four districts, each with their own website.

Interactive map of towers is here.

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Ringing Recovery

Ely DA Roadmap to Ringing Recovery is here

(version 2, 08/04/2021)

AGM Sat 8th May 2 - 4 pm. Ratification of Honorary membership. Details here.


  • Ringing courses and more at the Stretham REC

  • Teaching and Learning Documents here

  • Walsoken Teaching Hub here.

Association garments from Expertees of Huntingdon.

Dates for the Association (larger calendar here)

Here are all the dates for the Association, Districts and Stretham REC shown as a Google Calendar.

Ely DA Subscriptions in 2021

Ely DA membership subscriptions for 2021 would normally be due at the beginning of the year. However, the Ely DA General Committee unanimously agreed the following resolution at its meeting in December 2020: ‘That the collection of 2021 subscriptions be deferred until after the 2021 AGM, and that the General Committee would recommend to that AGM that the subscription be set at £0 for this one year only’.

Donations in lieu of a subscription are, of course, welcome and encouraged.

If you donate to the Bell Restoration Fund (which is a charity) then the donation can be gift-aided. A gift aid form is available on the BRF page here; the gift aid form can be completed online. You can make a donation to the General Account via BACS, please contact any District Secretary or Nicholas Small as Treasurer (treasurer_at_elyda.org.uk ) for account details. If you intend to make a donation to the BRF in lieu of a subscription, then please make the donation initially to the General Account, informing the Treasurer of your intentions. Then, in case the General Committee’s resolution is not passed at the AGM, the donation can be re-purposed as a subscription.

Look To - Chairman's Chat, March 2021

Many of you, like myself, were involved on March 23 with the National Day of Reflection. It seems difficult to believe that it was a year ago that we had the very first lockdown.

Many of us will have had friends, relations, loved ones, who have suffered covid, and some that have, sadly, died from it. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this sad time. We must remember too, and give grateful thanks, to the NHS “front-liners” who risked their lives (and some indeed gave their lives) to help and comfort those in ICU across the country. We owe them such a debt. They truly are heroes!

Shortly we shall all hear whether the first stage of the Road to Return will actually occur, and it seems very likely. They are well on track with giving the 50+ age groups their first vaccination, and this is very encouraging. With the days getting longer, and hopefully some warmer and sunnier weather to come, things are indeed looking much more hopeful than this time last year…that’s for sure!

In the meantime, let’s keep our spirits up, stay positive, stay safe and if we can, keep ringing even if it’s “only” on-line in Ringing Room, and above all, enjoy it as much as possible. Think about what has gone really well for you in your on-line practices and be pleased with yourself……and if you haven’t tried Ringing Room, well, join a practice and try it. You’d be given a warm welcome!


More chats here.

Lockdown Bellringing Activities

Dee Smith, as RATO for the Association, has provided a summary of suggested activities. The current list, dated 23/04/20, is here, and Dee will provide updates as new events arise. Contents of the summary: Cambridge District Webinars; Drop-in and Help sessions on Saturday mornings; Ringing Room.

More photos and reports

More photos and general reports of interest to the Association are here. See also Learning and Teaching, including Training events.

Advertise your tower open day with the Ely DA banner

If you are organising an open day at your tower or having a presence at local fetes or other events, the Association Mobile Demonstration Bell, Display Stand, Hand-out Leaflets and Advertising Banner are excellent ways of attracting attention and making people more aware of ringing and its benefits.

The mobile demonstration bell, display stands and banner are available to borrow. More information here.